• Definition а man of many talents and author of an extraordinary range and number of works, Defoe remains in many ways an enigmatic figure. A man who made many enemies, he has been accused of double-dealing, of dishonest or equivocal conduct, of venality.

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  • Familiarization with the biography and works (novel "Curtain") of Agatha Christie, which was one of the most creative writers of the 20th-century, had become a prolific writer of murder, mystery and suspense, and also best-selling novelist of all time.

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  • The likelihood ratio test is a test used to compare the fit of two models, one of which is a special case of the other. The test is based on the likelihood ratio, which expresses how many times more likely the data are under one model than the other.

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  • The logic of authentication of Burrows, Abadi and Needham. which transforms a protocol into a special form and then uses logical rules to analyze it. Using BAN logic and its enhancements in order to find new weaknesses in various cryptographic protocols.

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  • Grain and Trivium - hardware oriented stream ciphers. The linear sequential circuit approximation method as an effective method for the linear model determination. Outline of the analyzed ciphers. Description of Trivium. Correlation coefficient analysis.

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  • Феномен політичної культури в тоталітарній державі. Політиколінгвістична трансформація слів Lingua Sovetica. Куркульство як перешкода для соціалізму. Культ особистості чи культ і особистість. Трансформація слів Lingua Sovetica в пострадянські часи.

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  • Moderation in the cultural and symptomatic aspect of speech-thinking activity of representatives of English-speaking cultures. Speech phenomenon of nedoskazany as a communicative-pragmatic category of moderation of the English artistic discourse.

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  • Linguistic study of the acts of unions: the Stuarts, the Union of the period of interregnum and the Treaty and the passage of acts of 1707. Political Motives: the English perspective, Scottish and Irish views. The provisions of the acts and criticism.

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  • Theories, definitions and opinions about the linguistic world. Analysis of the language and culture influence in the creation of the human world. The collection of naive cognition of the world, recorded at different levels (subtotals) system of language.

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  • Bringing English language with the first settlers to America. The new combinations of English words, differences in pronunciation, in grammatical construction and especially in intonation. The new generation's occurrence and "Americanisms" in America.

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  • LINUX – многозадачная и многопользовательская операционная система для образования, бизнеса, индивидуального программирования. LINUX принадлежит к семейству UNIX (одной из самых популярных в мире операционных систем) и подобных операционных систем.

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  • Создание новых процессов и контроль их выполнения в современных операционных системах Linux. Исследование работы программы execve и и execvp, применяемых для замены образа одной программы образом другой. Функции для работы с переменными среды окружения.

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  • Характеристика спектра программных пакетов многопользовательской операционной системы Linux. Типы файловых систем для хранения данных. Приобретение и инсталляция Linux. Создание boot и root дискет. Концепция разбиения на разделы. Анализ ошибок системы.

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  • Development reasonable and significant measures of economic liquidity of the Russian stock market. Make sure the connection to the tick data that allows you to capture the effect of microstructure. Measures to ensure liquidity to Russian companies.

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  • The basic concepts of the essence of art. Literature as a verbal and the visual art. Specific functions of Art: aesthetical, hedonistic, compensatory. The relationship of music and literature, basic social issues that are covered in works of art.

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  • Характеристика и сущность LL(k)-грамматик. Основные особенности предсказывающих алгоритмов разбора. Проведение анализа разбора для LL(1)- грамматик и LL(k)- грамматик. Основные принципы k- предсказывающего алгоритма разбора. Сущность понятия FIRST(x).

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  • Characteristics of the language of economics. Loanwords that appear in the language of economics, which is, and always was, determined by intercultural contacts as well as by inner communication within a given community. English loanwords from French.

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  • Characteristics of the inflammatory condition of the lungs, affecting mainly microscopic air sacs, known as alveoli. Determination of signs and symptoms of pneumonia. Assessment of possible risk factors. Study of the main ways of treating the disease.

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  • Successful management of pain emergencies is a strong component of clinical excellence. The major and main mechanisms of local anesthetic failure and focuses on available evidence for developing effective and efficient approaches in local anesthesia.

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  • Analysis of evaluation methods of localization. The influence of localization of firms on its economic performance. Development of cluster analysis to search for new ways to support enterprises in the conditions of stagnation of economy in Russia.

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