Chernivtsi as a tourism development center

The study of the dynamics of tourist flows in the city for the last period. Geography of domestic (domestic) and foreign tourists, the definition of the motives of their arrival. Analysis of the economic performance of the tourism industry in the city.

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Chernivtsi as a tourism development center

Dzhaman Ya.V.

Chernivtsi Yuriy Fedkovych National University

The latest period's (2010-2013) dynamics of tourist flows to Chernivtsi has been disclosed. Geography of domestic (native) tourists and international travelers was established, as well as international travelers' motifs to visit. Major economic indicators of tourism activity in Chernivtsi have been analyzed.

Key words: tourism; tourists; domestic tourists; international travelers; tourist flow motifs; UNESCO.

Розглянуто динаміку туристичних потоків до міста Чернівці за останній період (2010 - 2013 роки). Досліджено географію внутрішніх (вітчизняних) та іноземних туристів. Визначені мотиви приїзду іноземних туристів. Проаналізовані основні економічні показники діяльності туристичної галузі в м. Чернівцях. Ключові слова: туризм; туристи; внутрішні туристи; іноземні туристи; мотиви туристичних потоків; ЮНЕСКО.

Рассмотрена динамика туристических потоков в город Черновцы за последний период (2010 - 2013 годы). Исследована география внутренних (отечественных) и иностранных туристов. Определены мотивы приезда иностранных туристов. Проанализированы основные экономические показатели деятельности туристической отрасли в г. Черновцах.

Ключевые слова: туризм; туристы; внутренние туристы; иностранные туристы; мотивы туристических потоков; ЮНЕСКО.

Problem statement. Being an important constituent of Ukrainian economics on the whole, and that of the Chernivtsi Oblast and Chernivtsi itself in particular, tourism in Ukraine develops, acquires more significance and adapts itself to European and worldwide industry of tourism. Its performance effects on the advance of the majority of economic sectors, especially on construction, transport, communication lines, hotel business, trade and public catering, social communication, etc, that is, on those expected to help structurally modernize the whole economic complex. Chernivtsi as a vivid example of poly-ethnic space possesses a rich and colorful historic and cultural (both material and spiritual) heritage with closely intermixed traditions of lots of nations. Development of tourism here would therefore be an important step towards formation of the town' powerful image, since it will involve a significantly bigger number of tourists (inclusive of foreign) and allow for the development of the town itself.

Analysis of the latest studies and publications. Problems of tourism_development and methods to assess recreation-tourism resources were studied in the works by O. Beydyk [1], V. Kyfiak [4], S. Kuzyk [5], O. Liubitseva [7], I. Shkola [13], etc, and these served as a basis for the present study. Development of tourism and tourism business were disclosed in a number of books: [8, 10], etc, and a series of tourist's guides: [2, 3, 6, 12], etc.

Statement of tasks and goals. The study aimed at conduction of the analysis of present-day tourism activity in Chernivtsi, and have put its tasks as follows: to disclose the dynamics of tourists' number in the latest period; establish the geography of tourist flows and tourists' motifs to visit the town; analyze major economic indicators of tourism activity in Chernivtsi.

Study results. Chernivtsi is among the few Ukrainian towns widely regarded to be the pearl of architecture. Occupying the territory of 226 ha, its downtown has the status of conservation area [2, p. 20] represented by such heritage assets as the ensembles of the Theater Square, Central Square, Philharmonic Square; O. Kobylyanska Street, Holovna (Main) Street, I. Franko Street; and many single buildings and constructions. The historic part of Chernivtsi has 706 samples of architecture entered into the State Register of Architectural Heritage, 20 of which are of national significance [12]. The historic- architectural heritage of the old town represents an integral and well-preserved ensemble of the XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries known for their stylish secession constructions of the Otto Wagner's Austrian modern school. The town has also preserved some samples of the XVII-XVIII centuries (wooden churches) [2, p. 20]. The buildings of the O. Kobylyanska Regional Music and Drama Theater (1905), National University (former Residency of the Bu- kovynian Metropolitans, 1882), Regional Museum of Art (former Bukovynian Savings Bank, 1900), Regional State Administration (former Palace of Justice, 1906), Municipal Palace of Culture (Jewish National House, 1908), residential building at 53 O. Kobylyanska Street (German National House, 1910), Railroad Passenger Terminal (1908), City Hall, Post Office, Armenian Church, etc, are the most striking instances of architectural styles of Chernivtsi. tourist economic development

The town's historic area is no worse than the same in Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Graz or Lviv, since the majority of its buildings were individually build by genial European architects such as Josef Hl6vka, Friedrich Setz, Josef Leitzner, Max Morgenstern, Ferdinand Fellner, Hermann Helmer, Josef Schreiber, Anton Fiala, Arthur von Monteforte, Franciszek Skowron, Jozef Gregor, Friedrich Gottesman, Constantin Nenescu, Leon Silion, Horia Creangr, Virgil Ionescu, Alexander Ivanov, Walter Stubhen-Kirchner, etc [8, p. 7]. Municipal authorities and citizens spared no expense to furnish the buildings, and that was why the town today has amazing handiworks with ornamental molding, gracious walk-out balconies, oriels, and other embellishments. Chernivtsi is known for peaceful coexistence of various architectural styles: Romanesque, Byzantine, Art Nouveau, Gothic, Classicism, Neo-Classicism, Baroque, Pseudo Baroque, Morisco, Florentine, Eclecticism, etc. The ensemble of the former Residency of Bukovynian and Dalmatian Metropolitans (now the administrative and educational buildings of the National University) build in 18641882 under the guidance of Josef Hl6vka, a famous Czech architect, are rightfully regarded to be the architectural pearl of Chemivtsi. The interiors were accomplished by K. Iobst and I. Klein from Vienna, K. Svoboda from Czechia, E. Buchevskyy and Y. Maksymovych from Bukovyna. The buildings represent the Eclecticism with dominance of the Romanesque and the Byzantine. The ensemble was registered by the UNESCO as the object of World Heritage in 2011.

Chernivtsi is also known for ingenious personalities and talented people such as Olga Kobylyanska, Yuriy Fedkovych, Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrayinka, Mihai Emi- nescu, Osyp Makovey, Sidi Tal, etc. Citizens rescued from oblivion such names as Yevhen Hakman, the first Bukovynian orthodox metropolitan, Andrei Sheptytskiy, the most famous Greek-Catholic metropolitan, Anton Kohanovsky, burgomaster of Chernivtsi in the Austrian period of ruling, Professor Raimund Friedrich Kaindl, a town chronicler, Professor Stepan Smal-Stotskiy, a European-level intellectual of Ukrainian origin, Paul Celan, a German-speaking poet of worldwide fame, Volodymyr Ivasiuk, a creator of new Ukrainian song, etc.

Availability of the UNESCO object of world heritage significantly assists to the growth of tourist flows and outlines Chernivtsi to be the center of tourism industry. The town was visited by 260,2 thousand tourists in 2013 which was 28,4 thousand (or 12,3%) more if compared to 2010, and 12,4 thousand (or 5,0%) more than in 2012. The number of domestic tourists amounted to 225,4 thousand people, or 5,0% (10,8 thousand people) more than in 2012, and 12,3% (24,7 thousand people) more than in 2010. Chernivtsi was also visited by 34,8 thousand international travelers, or 1,6 thousand people (4,8%) more than in 2012, and 3,7 thousand (11,9%) more than in 2010 [11] (see Fig. 1).

The majority of international travelers who visited Chernivtsi in 2013 represent the CIS countries (Russian Federation, Belarus) - 18,8 thousand people, and the group of German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - 12,0 thousand people, these sharing 54,0% and 34,5 % correspondingly. The third group of international travelers is represented by the bordering countries (Republic of Moldova, Rumania and Poland) - 2,9 thousand people (8,3% out of the totality of foreign visitors); and the last group of international travelers consists of representatives of all other countries of the world - 1,1 thousand people (3,2%) (see Fig. 2).

As to travelers' motifs, the major portion of foreign visitors came there in 2013 to have rest and entertainment (73,5%); to solve official and business questions (19,7%); for the purpose of sports and health rehabilitation - 6,8% (see Fig. 3).

While in Chernivtsi, tourists have bought goods to the amount of UAH 607,4 million in 2014, or UAH 213,3 million (54,1%) more than in 2010 [11] (see Fig.4).

Tourism services were provided by 123 legal entities in 2014 (inclusive of 33 licensed tour operators and 90 travel agents). If compared to 2012, the number of tourism service providers went up by 10,8%. Travel agencies paid taxes and collections to the state budget of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 2186,5 thousand in 2013, while the town's budget received UAH 1101,2 thousand. The “Biznes-Tsentr Bukovyna”, LLC, the “Chernivtsituryst”, a state-owned company, and the “Turystychnyy Komp- leks Cheremosh”, OJSC were among the most important taxpayers [11]. Major indicators of tourism activity in Chernivtsi are presented in Table 1.



Units of measurement





Goods and services consumed by tourists

million UAH





Number of tourists who visited Chernivtsi, inclusive of:

thousand people





Domestic tourists

thousand people





International travelers

thousand people





Taxes and collections paid:


to state budget of Ukraine

thousand UAH





to municipal budget

thousand UAH






Units of measurement






Total establishments of hotel business







Hotel room capacity







Total number of beds







Taxes and collections paid:


To state budget of Ukraine

thousand UAH






To municipal budget

thousand UAH






Total municipal tourism collection

thousand UAH





The growth of interest to the object of the UNESCO world heritage is today observed. The number of tourists who visited the architectural ensemble of the former Residency of Bukovynian and Dalmatian Metropolitans grew two times in the period of 2011-2014. Thus, the number of visitors was 54,5 thousand people in 2014, or 29,2 thousand people (115,4%) more if compared to 2011. The data available with the Municipal Center for Tourism Information prove that domestic tourists are the prevailing group of visitors (69%), while the percentage of international travelers makes 31%. Domestic tourists are the visitors from Kyiv (26-28%), Western and Eastern Ukraine (up to 20%), and Northern and Southern Ukraine (13-15%). Foreign visitors predominantly originate from Russia and Belarus (34%), Germany and Austria (33%), and Poland and Rumania (9% each) [11]. A significant flow of international travelers arriving to visit the object of the UNESCO world heritage is also conditioned by the fact that the Chernivtsi Yuriy Fedkovych National University has become a powerful center for business tourism. It was during the last decade that the Chernivtsi University managed to establish close contacts with educational, scientific and cultural institutions from 32 countries, and the number of partner establishments now totals to 124. The University has the closest links with Poland (32 partner establishments), Germany (13), Rumania (12), Russia (11), Moldova (7), Austria and Belarus (5 each), USA, Czech Republic and Slovakia (4 each), Canada and Bulgaria (3 each).

The town develops its social infrastructure to help provide for its visitors' everyday demands. Hotel business in Chernivtsi is rather advanced and generally satisfies the tourists' needs. Lodging establishments (35) have 2019 beds in 1042 suites [9] that range from economy rooms to suites of rooms and provide for wide spectrum of rest, entertainment and consumer services. The infrastructure of hotel economy possesses 51 objects of service, restaurant business, etc [11].

Almost 209,7 thousand tourists were couriered in 2013, inclusive of 23,8 thousand foreigners. The tourists stayed 2,0 - 2,5 days in Chernivtsi on the average, that is, 31,6% longer than in 2012.

Hotel business filled the Ukrainian budget to the amount of UAH 3266,9 thousand; and municipal budget - UAH 1923,3 thousand in 2014. Subjects ofhotel industry have provided for payment of the tourism collection in the amount of UAH 125,8 thousand (see Table 2).

Conclusions. 1. Chernivtsi is singled out as a center of tourism industry, and the capacity of tourist flows to the town increases (Fig. 1). Tourists are especially attracted by the UNESCO object of world heritage. The number of visits to a former Residency of Bukovynian and Dalmatian Metropolitans grew two times in the period of 2011-2014.

2. Domestic tourists prevail in the totality of tourists (86,6%). The majority of foreign visitors is represented by the tourists from the CIS countries (Russia and Belarus) - 54,0%, a group of German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - 34,5%, and bordering countries (Moldova, Rumania and Poland) - 8,3%. Rest and entertainment were the predominant motifs of international travelers to visit Chernivtsi (almost s), while solution of official and business questions were the reason in 1/5 of the cases.

3. Tourism industry is an important sector of economic complex of Chernivtsi (Tables 1 and 2).


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