Being a young parent is better

Advantages of young parents. The reasons that young couples have children sooner. The large gap between children and parents. Common interests, active sports, music, games. Solution of the problems of children in communicating with the opposite sex.

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Being a young parent is better

Walking down the street, everybody notices, that there are many moms and dads with their little children. But all of them are at different age. Someone are at 20 or 25, others at their 30s. There are many reasons why they decided to have children at this age. Young couples, who literally “just married”, give birth to a child as a tradition. They have a family, so they must have children. Or, perhaps, they had this child accidently. And it's not the fact that this child was desired. Parents at 25s are more mature, they have experience. They are independent from their parents and their choice is deliberate. People at their 30s certainly have their own carrier. They are successful and financially secure. There are many advantages of being old parent. However, there are some advantages of being young parent too.

First of all young people have better health. It's very important for heaving a child. Young women face the problems of pregnancy: intoxication, spinal pains and birth labor itself. To carry out all this difficulties women have to have good health. It's good, if at their 30s, woman is in good health, but even in this case there is no guarantees that a child will be absolutely healthy. Scientists proved that the best age for having a child is 26. At this age, the constitution of women is ready in the best possible way.

Secondly, in future there won't be a big gap between children and parents. Unfortunately, it's very depressing for children, when they are young. They are 10 years old and their parents are 40 or even 50, when their classmates have 30 year old parents. They understand, that their parents won't live a long time with them. Also they are people of absolutely different generation, that will cause a lot of misunderstandings.

Thirdly, young parents become good friends for their children. They still remember how they were children and can be in their shoes. Young parents can understand their children better because they are still children. They can solve their problems with studding or relations with opposite gender. They can have more common interests, including music, games, sports and other activities. Old parents cannot help their children with active sports because of their health, but young - can.

Fourthly, children if they were born early can really attach family. Young parents are still very active and independent. That is the reason, why young couples often divorce after some years of marriage. Children serves a kind of concrete to unite them. Give them sense of life, new feelings, new object of love. Very often children inflamed new circle of relationship, love and even passion.

As for me, I think that in our time having children in young age is a little bit irresponsible, though it have some advantages. People don't think not only about their life, but even about their child's life. To have children you should be financially secure, settled down, with place to live and of course time for this baby. Without this you cannot be sure that your son or daughter will be mentally and physically strong and give you a glass of water at the edge of your death.

young parent children

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