The demographic crisis in Ukraine

Consideration of the current situation of demographic crisis in Ukraine, to identify its causes and impact on national security of the country in social and humanitarian sphere. Analysis of the structure and trends of main population health indicators.

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The demographic crisis in Ukraine

Скрипник Дмитро Євгенійович

This paper deal`s with existing situation in demographic crisis in Ukraine. The aim of the work - search dynamic changes of demographic indices in Ukraine; find strategic ways for making better demographic situation in country. Conclusion regarding - the demographic crisis, which is going through Ukraine for the last ten years, means one of major, real, potential threats national safety of Ukraine in social and humanitarian sphere. Loss of human capital because of mortality significantly influent on economical, military and intellectual potential of States. Key words: demographic crisis, aging, population, human capital, mortality.

The Analysis of patterns and tendencies of changes major indicators of community health in European country aria shows, that major demographic process in European country characterized «Aging» of people, decrease level of birth, decrease total fertility rate for the last ten year and in the same time, decrease total level of infant and maternal mortality, stabilization and some increase of average expected life expectancy. Amid considerable territorial differentiation of indicators in some countries, including CIS, we can see, negative dynamic some indicators of public health.

Most population of European region (55,8%) living in countries of European united (EU), about thirds (31,3%) - CIS countries. Ukraine whit population of (45 633,6 thousand people) taking 8th rare place among region countries [1].

Dynamic of population shows decries number of people in country on 2 823,5 thous. Peop (from 48 457,1 thous. Peop in 2002 to 42 590,9 thous. Peop on 01.01.2015). According to the forecast of the United Nations (UN), if this dynamic would keep, number of people in Ukraine decreases to 39 million in 2030. According to UN demographic report, Ukraine has lowest level of population growth in whole world. During the last decadeе the proportion of the working population in the structure of total Ukraine's population was unstable.

From 2002 to 2008 this indicators increase (from 57,8% to 60,4% respectively) from 2008 and for 2015 - (though slightly) decrease(from 60,4% in 2008 to 59,8% as of 01.01.2015) [ 2].

One of the main causes of the demographic crisis which Ukraine is going through in recent decades is loss of human capital because of mortality, that significant influent on economical, military and intellectual potential of the country. demographic crisis health population

Dynamic of total coefficient mortality in Ukraine for last decade characterized uncertain increase from 12,1% in 1990 to 16,7% in 2005, from 2005 - gradual decrease indicator of mortality. Comparatively with 2010 level of mortality in 2011 decrease from 15,2% to 14,5%. In 2011 the highest level of mortality was fixed in Chernihiv region (18,5%), lowest - in Kiev (9,6%). Should be noted the highest level of mortality observed among working population, among which observed over mortality phenomenon. Comparatively with EU countries excess men mortality in Ukraine in age group 30 - 44 years old is 4,9 times and women - 3,2 times (picture 1) [4].

In Ukraine for the period from 1990 special coefficient of men mortality in age group 20 - 69 years old increase in 1,2 - 1,9 times and women in 1,1 - 1.2 times. Largest increase coefficient of mortality fixed of population with age group 30 - 34 years old in which growth rate higher in women (in 2,1 times) comparatively with men (in 1,9 times). On second place of growth rare population mortality indicators was age group 35 - 39 years old, where the men growth rate amounted 80% and woman - 89%. The third place in terms of growth specific mortality in men takes the age group 40 - 44 years old (77%) and women - 25 - 29 years old (73%). Too quite high growth special coefficient of mortality (in 1,5 times) observed in men in age group 25 - 29 and 45 - 54 years old, in women - 40 - 44 years old [3].


That way, demographical situation in Ukraine determined by features correlations between dynamic of mortality and birth, which continue for last decade, consequence of this become the aging population with forecast trends to deepen this. Should say, from 2002 to 2011 reached improvements in mortality indicators due implementation strategy cross-sectoral approach to combating non-communicable diseases, warning mortality and optimize a health system which has the following main areas:

· improve the quality of life,

· prevention and reduction of occupational disease

· improve sanitary-epidemiological , ecological situations

· development of the medical industry and reforming Health system

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