Psychological particularities of the development of the high school students’ representations about jealousy

The problem of research in family psychology, marital jealousy. Psychological features of the formation of ideas about marital jealousy of high school students. Dividing them into groups with well-formed, diffuse and ghostly notions of jealousy.

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Psychological particularities of the development of the high school students' representations about jealousy

The family psychology is one of the most important spheres of the psychological research dedicated to the personality and the subject of the activity. The personality is formed and developed in the family context, that's why the problem of the internal family interaction is transformed into psychological and pedagogical phenomenon, the need of the studies of this phenomenon doesn't only demonstrate itself in the social psychology but in the personality psychology and in the pedagogical psychology.

The practice shows that the internal family relations are realized in the different forms, including- at the first sight the negative displays of the jealousy. however the jealousy as the object of the psychological research can be not only the way to find out negative tendencies in the internal family relations, but the resource of forming the positive experience of the future spouses. The problem of the representations about jealousy as the determinant of the conjugal relations is at the interfaces between the different directions of the psychological science research.

The matrimonial relations have lately been under rather intent scientific consideration. The questions which were under consideration in a number of the works are: предбрачных relations (Bourlachouk L.F., Korostileva L.А., Shneider L.B., Satir В. And others), factors (Eidemiller E.g., Ustitskis V.V., Urkovich N.А., Finebourg Z.) and mechanisms (golod I.S., Obosov N.N., Kharchev А.g., Satir V., Wile g.) of the building of the married life, they have found the different types of the matrimonial relations (Androukh g.P., Kratohkvil S., Krishtal V.V., Seiguer L., Shneider L.B.), the psychological causes of their disorders are established (Оbozov N.N., Obozova А.N.) and etc. Some approaches have been already created to the consideration of the matrimonial jealousy in the problem field of the family psychology (Vassilieva О.S., Koutter P., Linchevskii E.E., Terentiev Е.I.). however it is unclear what are the psychological prerequisites which make the jealousy exist in the matrimonial relations. Particularly, we don't know, what role the representations of the jealousy and their correlations with the display of this phenomenon play in the matrimonial relations.

On the other hand, the role of the psychological representations about the man's life activity in the works of the contemporary authors is described (goudova N.V., Zhoubarkin S.V., Levchenko А.V., Matsouk М.А.). In some researches they discover the particularities of the representations about some aspects of the family and matrimonial relations. For instance, А.М. Prikhozhan studied the representations of the adolescents and young people about their future family life. N.g. Aristova shows the significance of the youth's pre-marital age, sex relations and their consequences. L.S. Alekseeva explained the role of the representations about the partner in the development of the matrimonial relations. In this context the interest is attracted to the studies of the representations about the jealousy as the determinant of the matrimonial relations. Starting from this, we designated the aim of our study- to study the psychological particularities of the students' representations of the matrimonial jealousy. 250 people took part in the research carried out in SFU. The main hypothesis of the research: students' representations of the matrimonial jealousy are the subjective forms of their knowledge about the different aspects of building the matrimonial relations.

During the research we have used the following methods: personal questionnaire of V.M. Melnikov and L.T. Yampolskii, the methods of the value orientations by M. Rokich, questionnaire of the basic cultural values of S. Shvarts, schale- self-assessment of the reactive and personal anxiety of ch.D. Spilbergand U.L. Khanin.

In our research we have realized recital and formative stages of the experiment.

The recital stage of the experiment according to the empirical tasks was directed towards the current students' representations about the matrimonial jealousy, the particularities of its influence upon relations and the characteristics of its subjective and objective factors. In the frame of this stage of the experiment we first of all reveal the contents and structure of the students' representations about the matrimonial jealousy. Furthermore the found particularities of the students' representations are compared, they differ according to a number of the objective and subjective parameters.

The formative stage of the experiment suggested the studies of the particularities of changing the students' representations about the matrimonial jealousy in the conditions of the specially organized learning and developing impact. In order to study the students' representations about jealousy we have used a special impact, including learning and developing effects.

During the research we have received the results, which let us to make the following conclusions:

1. The students' representations about jealousy are subjective expressions of their awareness about the essence of the jealousy, bases of their appearance, states and perspectives of the development of the matrimonial relations, filled with jealousy.

2. The students' representations about matrimonial jealousy are poly- determined by objective and subjective factors. The objective factors of the development of the students' representations about the matrimonial jealousy are sex, matrimonial life experience and the experience of the observation of the jealousy in the parents' relations. The subjective factors of the development of the students' representations about matrimonial jealousy are the particularities of the particularities of their emotional and value spheres.

3. The development of the students' representations about conjugal jealousy is characterized by the awareness about causes and consequences of the jealousy in the spouses' relations and reinforcing the cause and effect links between these structural

components. According to the state of high school students' representations about the matrimonial jealousy can be differentiated into the three groups: students with the well-formed, diffusive and illusive representations about the jealousy.

4. The students without well-formed representations of the jealousy less or more specifically register that jealousy is always accompanied by certain disorders in the communication sphere of the spouses: personal anxiety arises, the level of the personal trust is decreased, and there are conflicts. If the heart-to heart talk passes with high level of the conflicts and aggressiveness, then the inability to use and find the productive strategies of the behavior in the conflict comes to their drawing in and final destruction of the matrimonial relations.

5. The formation of the students' representations about the matrimonial jealousy gives positive results in the sphere of the matrimonial relations, if they are based upon the enlargement of the knowledge in the field of the family life psychology and the interpersonal relations in combination with the development of the qualities, contributing to the development of the harmonic conjugal relations.

6. The formation of the students' representations about the matrimonial jealousy at the basis of the specially created complex program, providing the knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of building conjugal relations, decreases the possibility of the jealousy display in the students' real life.

Reviewing the results of our research, let's point out, that it represents only one possible variant of the studies of the large field of the jealousy problematic, in whole, and matrimonial jealousy, in particular. The selected aspect of study of the subjective reflexion about the matrimonial jealousy in the students' representations let us receive the psychological data, how the jealousy is formed at the primary period of the youth, when he only acquires the independence and has the opportunity to build his own matrimonial relations. It is obvious that the work in this field can be continued in this direction using some other research approaches, other research methods and methodic, other sampling and etc.

We'd like to underline that the results presented in our work, can be used as the basis of the theoretical and empirical studies for carrying out the further research in order to reveal the particularities of the matrimonial jealousy. The special method of the semantic differential created by us and directed to finding out psychological structures of the jealousy representations is of considerable importance.


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