Green marketing of Volkswagen

The problem of the green marketing. Higher production costs of green products. Energy saving fuel is still a difficult problem. A marketing strategy of the public green car. Green marketing development status and domestic green marketing development way.

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Green marketing of Volkswagen

VW is the first to carry out business in one of the China international car manufacturers. The earliest contact with the Chinese government can be traced back to 1978. Since 1984, the total investment in China has more than 6000000000 euros, the current total of 14 companies in china. Today, in the face of energy shortage, pollution, urban transport and other issues, environmental protection has become the main theme of the world and the development of China's auto industry, and the automotive industry has become a green and environmental protection, has become a global consensus. Through writing this article, I not only completed the teacher assigned to me to learn the task, still looking for information on the process to understand some of their own market environment, to achieve the purpose of learning.

Since 70 "s, the world has set off a green revolution, which has had a tremendous impact on the whole world and human life. In 1992, the United Nations Conference on environment and development in Rio De Janeiro has set up the agenda in twenty-first Century. The most serious problems facing the earth is not due to consumption and production patterns, leading to environmental degradation, poverty and imbalances in the development of national development. In order to achieve a reasonable development, it is to improve the production efficiency and change the consumption habits and structure, in order to maximize the use of resources and minimize the production of waste. In the process of enterprise and consumer is the key to determine the strength. Especially the enterprise, it plays a leading role. All along, the behavior of the enterprise has a direct impact on the changes in the environment. Therefore, how to set up green ideas, how to produce green products, how to carry out green marketing has a great influence on environmental protection. Just because of this, the green marketing in the early 90's in the global scope is put on the agenda.

In terms of purchase intention of green products, we can see that the green consumers pay attention to the purchase and consumption process, but also pay attention to the production process and product disposal problems (such as recycling, etc.). With the enhancement of environmental protection consciousness, people's way of thinking, values and consumption psychology and consumer behavior has changed gradually appeared public desire for environment protection, people began to care about the environmental costs of consumption, call neither pollution and beneficial to a healthy green products.

However, because of China's economic development level has not reached a comprehensive well-off society, for most consumers, they will consider non green products to the cheap and convenient, and choose them. Especially in the choice of car, because the price of green energy saving cars than ordinary cars are expensive, for ordinary families, is a large burden.

Volkswagen's competitors are Honda, TOYOTA, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Cadillac, etc.. For half a century, with the increasing market competition and the establishment of the concept of marketing, consumers have become increasingly important, consumers put their own wishes and preferences and other information, through the market mechanism to convey to the enterprise, the enterprise according to the consumer's "will" to arrange production, to provide consumers with the quantity, quality and variety of products required. With the continuous enhancement of the consumer's awareness of the green consciousness, the enterprise will continuously improve the green marketing consciousness, so as to adapt to the change of consumption environment. According to market demand, BMW's Dynamics Efficient technology, Mercedes Benz EFFICIENCY Blue and other environmental protection technology has won many consumers welcome.

The government plays a very important role in the implementation of green marketing. They are making a series of policies and laws to ensure the healthy growth of the green marketing and the important driving force of the smooth development of green marketing. The Chinese government is now strongly support Chinese enterprises to develop new energy-saving technologies, to encourage Chinese enterprises to contribute to the cause of environmental protection, and appeal to Chinese consumers to consume green products.

China formally proposed the concept of green food in 1989. At the end of 1992, the representative of China participated in the Hongkong international marketing seminar, and the international green marketing theory began to spread in China. Below we analyze the development of China's green marketing four forces.

Now, China's automobile market, the problem of the green marketing is:

(2) the private car market is gradually mature, but the new energy saving car is very short, the price is high, the enterprise is lack of power to green marketing;

(3) although the government supports the green marketing, but all kinds of legal system is not yet perfect, the implementation is not yet in place. The political and economic management system in the country has hindered the development of green marketing in some ways.

For Volkswagen, the problems that existed before:

(1) higher production costs of green products;

(2) energy saving fuel is still a difficult problem.

friendly, long life habits are very difficult to change at all. So Volkswagen in the research and development According to the existing problems, we analyze the reasons in three aspects:

The green consciousness of Chinese consumers is still in the primary stage of the developed countries ". In 2000, the Shanghai Commercial Economic Research Center has conducted a market survey on the consumption environment of the commercial green marketing in Shanghai. About consumer attitudes to the green marketing survey show that the choice is worth promoting the proportion of 56.3%, consumer attitudes to commercial green marketing is basically a positive and recognition, the focus of the work of consumers believe that the focus of the investigation shows that the focus is to promote a wide range of green products accounted for 40.9%, the focus is to focus on the recovery of waste materials accounted for 43.9%, that is, the focus is more than three and 8.1%.

Although Chinese consumers have been paying attention to the green consumption, but their spending power has not yet been with, even know that some products are not environmentally of new green, the new car, to consider China's spending power, and can meet the life of Chinese consumers.

Compared with the development of international green enterprises, the domestic enterprises have a big gap in the breadth and depth of understanding of "green". In the breadth, foreign to the concept of "green" almost broadcast and to every aspect of social life, each industry has its own "green" development goals and plans. In depth, the understanding of the "green" is no longer just products, but the management of enterprises in the integration of sustainable development concept, and then put it into a business philosophy and philosophy.

As the leader in the domestic auto industry, Shanghai Volkswagen automobile through continuous research and development and the introduction of advanced energy-saving technology, continuous optimization of their own product performance, leading to low carbon energy saving and environmental protection, while providing consumers with fuel economy outstanding products, to meet the requirements of environmental protection in the modern society. In 2007, Shanghai Volkswagen with group "powertrain strategy", the Volkswagen Group a leading global TSI engine is introduced, the application to its Tiguan, Passat, Touran, Lang Yi family, speed to send, Octavia, and other wild emperor brand models. Shanghai Volkswagen also focus on the application of new technology, new energy technology development, to further reduce vehicle emissions, improve power and fuel economy, but the development costs are too high, become a barrier to the development of the public.

In China, producers of "green" understanding is generally still in the product stage, the public is also true. Their green value is only reflected in the green products can bring profits, and not to the production operator's business philosophy to go. The most important reason is the lack of the enterprise's internal power, which shows that China's green marketing competition is not fierce.

Our government has made many achievements in the process of promoting the development of green marketing. To prevent the protection of green trade barriers, China ISO14020 standard equivalent to the GB/T24020 series of standards, in addition, according to the actual situation of China, the national environmental labeling certification committee secretariat issued three types of environmental signs. "Environmental protection law" for enterprises to implement green marketing to create a good legal environment, a series of relevant laws and regulations are also introduced. Our country "Nine Five" plan and the 2010 vision target outline the environmental protection target is: by 2010, the basic change environment deterioration trend, the urban and rural environment has the obvious improvement. To achieve this goal, the environmental investment need to be significantly increased, such as investment in environmental protection accounted for 1.5% of GNP to measure, in 2010 the demand for environmental protection investment in China is 250000000000 yuan. Thus, the power of environmental protection enterprises are gradually growing. But we should also be aware that China's current political and economic management system is still hindering the development of green marketing.

Summing up the appeal, the fundamental problem is that (1) the national green regulations management system has not been perfect; the fierce environment of the green marketing of the enterprises (2); (3) consumers of green consumption concept is not strong enough.

A marketing strategy of the public green car

green marketing energy public

1, SO strategy

1.1 consolidate the brand advantage, brand positioning;

1.2 the advantages of the blue drive technology of the public car;

1.3 guide consumers green consumption, low carbon consumption habits.

2, WO strategy

2.1 actively develop new green products to enter the market at all levels;

2.2 service innovation;

2.3 enhance the user experience.

3, ST strategy

3.1 adhere to the traditional brand;

3.2 car style and brand;

3.3 strengthen after-sales service experience;

3.4 vigorously develop new energy concept.

4, WT strategy

4.1 eliminate backward products;

4.2 re design of the bad reputation of the car system;

4.3 strengthen customer service training.

Two, the innovation of mass automobile green marketing

Will all enterprise green marketing activities are built after accurate investigation of consumer behavior and demand, the maximum to meet customer demand for personalized. Because of its high output, it can't achieve the personalized needs of the core products, but it can be from the product additional properties and product form. In order to allow consumers to understand the correct understanding of the mass production of green, Volkswagen Group has developed a global green production 22 criteria, from infrastructure to environmental monitoring, from the purchase of raw materials to quality testing, and then from research and development to production, strictly control the entire process. Volkswagen's BlueMotion blue drive technology series, the biggest feature of this technology is the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, but the price will be high, but the public through the reduction of car decoration to achieve the role of reducing costs.

In view of the automobile popularization process of energy, transportation, environmental protection issues and government management concept of transformation, the public car at the beginning of 2004 to develop the research center of the State Council, held a "China's auto industry growth potential and external development environment" seminar. For the first time, the call of "welcome to the automobile society" is put forward. 2008 years 4 months, the first by the development research center of the State Council, China Automotive Engineering Society and the Volkswagen Group (China) Co written "Blue Book of Chinese Automobile Industry Development 2008" officially published, comprehensively and systematically, including the issue of environmental protection, automobile industry development trend, and puts forward some feasible solutions. The mass action is for sustainable development.

First, the implementation of the program

1, product

(1) product features: a distinctive feature of the product, which helps to improve product performance and improve consumer awareness.

(2) the product reliability, durability, applicability, consistency: the four characteristics reflect importance of the quality of the products, especially the car class high-end consumables, innovative research and development of environmentally friendly low rolling resistance tires, using a clean green design concept tread, in enhancing the dynamic force performance and effectively reduce rolling resistance, reduce energy consumption. At the same time, low wind resistance radiator grille, closer to the aerodynamics of the butterfly tail spoiler, technological innovation, further help the vehicle to achieve the purpose of reduce wind resistance, reduce fuel consumption and improve the efficiency. At present, these techniques have been used to the Shanghai Volkswagen Passat, Lang Yi, the way the concept (BlueMotion) version of the model in a variety of blue drive.

(3) to extend the product competition: in the future, with the homogenization of the automobile products, the competition will focus on the service, financing, and green environmental protection of the tangible products. Through a series of environmental protection ideas and technology to promote and use, Shanghai Volkswagen successfully practice the creation of low-carbon travel, green future environmental protection social responsibility.

2, price

(1) the value of the vehicle itself

Product value is the foundation of product quality, Volkswagen variety of blue drive (BlueMotion) version of the car lost the advantage, but has certain advantages in fuel-efficient small displacement engine pricing is to get consumers to support.

(2) service value of automotive products

Automotive service value is the value of all kinds of additional services offered to customers with the sale of vehicle products. In the service value can greatly reflect the customer's personalized needs. Car companies in the service aspect of the competition can also be seen as the second competition. Modern science and technology and social production has been able to make the vehicle output to a very high level, in this area of the gap in several important competition in the public car almost no existence, to attract customers can only in the software on the next time. And this part of the price of the floating is more powerful, the Volkswagen can be based on the target market to provide different service prices.

3, channel

The establishment of the reverse mode: according to customer orientation as the core of the service mode, the establishment of the channel can choose the reverse mode to carry out the channel control. That is based on the customer's personalized needs and product characteristics of the choice of retail terminals, and according to the middle of the dealer's financial, credit and relationship with the end customer feedback results to further select the dealer. On the one hand, the public can monitor and supervise the service of the distributors, agents and retailers. On the other hand, the end customer can communicate effectively with the enterprise in time and conveniently. Such a channel model is able to combine with the refinement of service marketing. Flat channel structure: narrow the distance between enterprises and customers, eliminating the intermediate barrier of goods and information transmission is not smooth link. Such channel structure simplifies the sales process, and increases the communication channels between enterprises and customers. Make product information more convenient and efficient flow. Timely access to market feedback and customer feedback.

4, promotion

Sales promotion is the consolidation of customers, increase sales the best way. Through promotions, can effectively reduce the price sensitivity of ordinary consumers to the public green car, while strengthening the sales staff training, increase sales staff to understand the green marketing, to provide professional car sales service, so that people feel the public car rigorous, professional, environmentally friendly brand culture.

In the twelfth China (Guangzhou) International Auto Show, Volkswagen brand hand in Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW - Volkswagen and Volkswagen imported cars, 35 star models of luxury lineup wonderful debut. In the auto show scene, the Volkswagen brand comprehensive display of high efficiency, environmental protection, sustainable development of products and technologies, including three star models: up Electric! Electric vehicle, Ling Du and new Sagitar more became the highlight of the show. Volkswagen Group Executive Vice President, Volkswagen Group (China), chairman and executive vice president Su Weiming said: "China as the largest single market for Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen brand 1 to October sales exceeded 2300000, an increase of 13.8%. Customer's needs and satisfaction is always our driving force, the Volkswagen also for the younger generation of consumer groups, to create a model that belongs to them, and to share with you more future best and environmentally friendly way of travel."

1, the protection of the environment has become a significant behavior recognition of the public group.

2, to the community to provide green products, for the public to win a lot of wealth at the same time, the company's image is optimized.

3, the production of green products, will help improve the company's reputation.

4, is conducive to the implementation of sustainable development strategy.

5, is conducive to improving the automotive industry to improve the environment protection.

With the haze days of continuous, serious air pollution and other issues become increasingly severe, more and more companies began to actively assume the social responsibility of environmental protection. As the leader in the domestic auto industry, Shanghai Volkswagen automobile through continuous research and development and the introduction of advanced energy-saving technology, continuous optimization of their own product performance, leading to low carbon energy saving and environmental protection, while providing consumers with fuel economy outstanding products, to meet the requirements of environmental protection in the modern society. To adapt to the changes in the market, to change the marketing mode of the enterprise is the key to the success of the Volkswagen.

In the popular car young, dynamic, dynamic and innovative brand elements, the high energy efficiency strategy has become the important link between the car, people and the environment. Future, help Chinese automotive industry sustainable development, improve the high-quality driving experience at the same time, Shanghai Volkswagen will continue exploring new energy saving technology of high efficiency and low energy consumption, to the concept of environmental protection into the car life, human, vehicle and environment to promote the harmonious development over a long period of time. We firmly believe that there will be more and more companies to join the ranks of green marketing.


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