Martyr poet of Fuyuzat

The story of the young poet-martyr Agabaly Salmas Said Khalil Akverdiyev Mashadi. The world of poetry and art 20-year-old boy. The mission of Muhammad as a master of clear presentation. Salmaza poetry published in Fuyuzat under the name Imtahani-adabi.

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Martyr poet of Fuyuzat

Asadova V.

the Institute of Literature named after Nizami

The Azerbaijan Republic, Baku

Constitutional revolution in Iran in the early twentieth century (1906-1911), one of the heroes, known as the history of the young martyr-poet Aghabala Salmas Said Khalil Haqverdiyev Mashhadi (Khalilzade) March 10, 1887 was born in the Dilmagan city of South Azerbaijan. His father Mashhadi Khalil died in the young ages, he grew up under the protection of her mother, Azamat, except the mother tongue he learned Persian and Arabic perfectly, and even learned to speak Russian well enough. His childhood and teenage years passed in Dilmagan, Said Salmase came to Baku in the early years of the twentieth century, who arrived at the age of fifteen, sixteen, while working here at Orujov brothers publishing center he began to struggle for freedom, at the same time he was a participant of mass protections in Baku which taken the impact of the first Russian revolution of 1905. When the constitutional revolution began in the South Azerbaijan under the leadership of Sattarkhan, Said Salmase returned to Tabriz, joined the revolutionary movement, was wounded several times, and finally on February 24, 1909 between the city of Maku and KhoySadabad countryside, entered to history Sadabad war Said Salmase was killed in the battle.

Said Salmasewas one romantic artist, and also owner of high pen holders who published his works in the media in 1907-1908 in Baku. Said Salmase published his first poetries in the Journal of Fuyuzat edited by Ali bey Huseyzade and in the newspaper of Irshad edited by A. Agaoglu, and also he was called as a freedom fighter by Ali Bey Huseynzadeh [1, p. 421]. During his three years in the media publication Said Salmase published a lot of the poems, articles in Azerbaijani and Persian languages.

Creative style was closer to M. Hadi, andthe main idea of his published works in Fuyuzat is to challenge to freedom. The rest of poetic feelings, emotions of the head, associated with the eternal theme.

Said Salmase's arrival to Fuyuzat and joining to Fuyuzat begins his Tahassur poetry which published on 24 March, 1907, in the 13th issue of Journal. From the first poetic works that appear Said Salmaseobliged to write, to share their thoughts with the people who make the nation and has been the plight of the country. A total of eight lines:


Hsrtsrsfdsnhsvayi-istibdad [2, p. 207]

Verses begin with the Salmas Said poem was signed by the author, all sides - from heaven to the soul of tyranny is the sound of distress. The taste of the flesh, is the destruction of the nation and the wailing sounds. Then the young poet that, if the nation's freedom, well-mannered people wrong tree roots in the earth, pencil lead, they dig, my soul is happy.

It's a small world of poetry and the art of the 20-year- old boy, who are the first in the nation to this day, along with how excited he was, looking at the evidence in the future with great expectations.

According to the poet, despotism, cruelty, hypocrisy and exploitation of so humiliated nation, will not be lost, because the nation is already yesterday's poor human rights and freedom of the nation do not understand. He awakened the dream of ignorance, if not all, a part of the law requires freedom. Just who are these people who are inspired by the struggle of the revolution, and its bright future confrontations for the sake of freedom, the young poet wrote:




o9ori-ztilmolanmolainin [2, p. 207]

Young poet, believed that life and death fight for freedom from the will of the people, perseverance, and nothing and no one can break.

Muhammad's mission as a master of setting out clearly, it will be able to catch every moment of danger, never afraid to take the lessons of history and notifys poet friends that follow, there is no freedom of speech in order to win, you have to follow the hero. Freedom is what you pay for him, as a reward or not. Put aside all personal accounts are eligible to win it, just to be in the best interest of the nation and the country.

Said salmase's poetry published in Fuyuzat called Imtahani-adabi not only love of life at first sight, in fact, is a social content. Three-point and every point of the six lines of the poem, the poet says that the Beloved's face, if you insist, I can not tell you the memories of youth. The reason for this is that life is full of troubles you do not want to be aware of the spring. If passed, this is what's going on in my life until you were notified cokdiyimdon, gumun that Omri-tasted grieve His heart poured Lams in the territory. Therefore:

istomombon, a9ilmasin, qalsin,

O siyahprd ta bdmstur [3, p. 302]

The second paragraph of the poem is the poet refused, he expressed that the youth was killed by storms in the disaster. I see a young life and retribution was turned to ruins. Therefore, it is recommended that the scenes of my life remain unknown to you. I do not, after learning me. Then the poet writes:

Etmoisrar, eymlksima,

imdiyoxdurdilindohtizni-olom! [3, p. 302]

The poet says that if you are aware of you who are unfamiliar with life, sorrow and hearts of Scientific and finds that it, I agree with that, here is a story that is more about the life of the country, a member of the community to get rid of the poet in the fight for social ills he was in.

Said Salmase's Imaginary-offensive poem that does not correspond to the classical canons of eastern poetry, written in English sonet form. The four-point - two points in the first four, which consists of the following items, each of the three lines of the poem is dominated by a spirit of rapid growth.

Qokil, hoyatimitodhiedonxoyal, 9okil!

Mtidamnifrotobais o hali-tonnazin.


Sbati-zmimiqlrmaz o 9emi-qommazin [4, p. 316]

With these points in his life of the poet, who tadhis- terrifying dream, that is the beauty of copies required, and build a life, it is alive to worry about. The dream- offensive image that is called, and now that you do not break the whim airs and graces of my ambition. And make you very well, not good, because you're not faithful to the covenant as a whole are not given to word. Do you remember the moon through the trees qurub sat down to a place called, though less in the morning, and I did not want to leave promises delicious. Unfortunately, after all the promises given was sweet. Very soon I realized that: Now the words, ah, it's a crime to lie, therefore:

Qokil, 9okil! Bonialdatma! stmmmtitlq! [4, p. 316]

Dream: - Speech, shut up, you do not need - he sheltered the poet says, that at one time would you say you are, human patience, patience and happiness to. Maybe, at that time I believed you, now empty words, I think the betrayal of false.

I did not say to the minstrel, that have become apparent, the young poet to be patient and trust in God rejected the philosophy of Right, but you can get to the fight that he believes is the truth.

Said Salmase's Persian, the suffix as the type and amount of work called Imaginary-repellent is similar to the poem. Public comment on this poem [5, p. 348].

Do not be afraid! What is the excitement and anguish? Asks the young poet that poetry began with the verse, shooting, oh my soul broken, cries and to what, you know what's sake? Aroma of violets, and to go to the enchanted eye to a decision to sink, do not have patience. You understand me, or you aware of my ancestors, or the love of your country, so you do not have an understanding of the story. Know the signs if you want to get to know me: - I'm noble and true Islam, the land of the Muslims, and I'm from Iran.

Other romantics, especially as A. Sahhatand M. Hadi and Said Salmasecomplains and hopes for the future. He signs his poems live life to the reader's imagination to create scenes left an indelible mark, trying to convince him that it will be better, will be more vivid. The most interesting thing is that these kind of ideas rather than trying to present the background images of nature, nature, based on a combination of man and nature come to the conclusion that there will be changes in the lives of people. The poet's Layaliyi-iztirar works is a poetry and poetry in the form of a four-point SONET.

Such a question to the reader of the poem is the poet's first line:

Bilirsonminosobobdiruiftiraqi-olimo? [6, p. 397]

Scattered, causing him pain and suffering of those who dream of a poet who can advise you on the dusunmomoyi reader that is so painful to him, and he tells me that the way to freedom in this country, those who sacrificed their lives, who brought up the fate of upset. Therefore, no beauty of nature can not be happy in my heart. I would be glad when the dreams of those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. Poem read:


Baxi^larmdakimsnadamubhsmiyyst var.

Bu tablonun,g6zslim, ruhulsbabsbxamu^,



Fgdayi-m9sl9kimolmuh9yati-istiqbal [6, p. 397]

Said Salmase was lyric poet and visionary whose lyric hero, but somewhere dreams connected to reality. His lyrical hero predator of darkness, bright hope for the future with hope for the future through the eyes of looks and character. This is the ideal hero lyric poet stated:




Sevdayi-muradamiyadeyl9raglaram [7, p. 474]

Analysing of the young poet's works published in Fuyuzat magazine shows thatas the creative style, he was romantic and the main idea of his works were modernity, enlightenment and freedom. Both of these works are diverse in form and content of his speech and pen as the owner confirms his professional.


poet martyr presentation

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