History of the Poltava VG Korolenko National Pedagogical University

Description, history of becoming and development of Poltava National Pedagogical University. Modern state of this educational establishment, prospects of his development in the future. Specialities which are prepared by Pedagogical National University.

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Poltava National Pedagogical University named after VG Korolenko (CPAP) was established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 9 December 1999 on the basis of the former Poltava National Pedagogical Institute, which was founded in 1914 as Poltava pedagogical institute. In July 1919 it converted to teaching. In 1918 opened the historical-philological faculty of the University of the Future (street Shevchenko 20). In 1920 the Poltava Pedagogical Institute already had three departments: the oral and historical, natural, physical and mathematical. Lecture staff - 25 people. General Management Institute carried council consisting of teachers and students. Library of the Institute consisted of 2413 units.

April 14, 1921 created Poltava Institute of Education (foreigners) by combining the Poltava Pedagogical Institute, Poltava and history and philology faculty. In 1921-1922 he was the institute had two departments: the natural-mathematical and verbal-historic. In the 1922-1923 academic year, the Department of social education with a concentration of 3 course in the following areas: industrial (mathematics and physics), social sciences, agriculture.

In July 1921 Poltava executive committee gave to foreign private room of the former gymnasium NA Starytska (now at this place home SPC number 6), in late 1923 - 2-room men's gymnasium (now the old building of the university, st. Ostrogradskiy 2). Subsequently, the former school building was selected as the loss offset by the transfer of former foreign female Poltava Art and Crafts School. SS Hrulova (corner of streets Lunacharskogo and October), where WWII contained Faculty. In 1922, foreigners working in 34 teachers and 18 administrative staff persons, enrolled 369 students. Enjoyed wide popularity Choir Institute, headed by Ukrainian composer Sci. VM Verhovinets.

August 24, 1930 converted to a foreign institute of social education, and in 1933 - at the Pedagogical Institute of Physics and Mathematics, the natural-geographical, historical, philological faculty and pre-school department. 1931-1932 school year at the Institute of social education started working part-time office.

In 1936 at the Poltava Pedagogical Institute the Poltava pedagogical institute of language and literature and physics and mathematics faculty. On the eve of war there were 15 departments of the institute, employing 66 associate professors, 6 senior lecturers and 29 graduate students. At 4 faculties trained 1500 students in 1400 and permanently in absentia. The Institute has prepared over 3500 teachers.
October 21, 1943 Poltava Poltava pedagogical and educational institutions restored. As of October 6, 1944 they enrolled 397 students. 1951 Teachers' Institute eliminated, but learning it at the hospital continued until 1954, some students have finished institute in 1957

In December 1949 the Poltava Pedagogical Institute named after V. Korolenko. During the 1950's was renovated premises on the street. Ostrogradskiy 2, built a dormitory for students.

In 1977 he was put into operation a new 4-storey building, in 1979 completed construction of a third dormitory for 550 seats, open dining room and the sports hall. Was introduced to the sanatorium for 100 places. In 1990 he completed construction of 4 th hostel. At the beginning of 1990, six departments (history, philology, physical, mathematical, biological, primary school and general engineering disciplines) and inpatient departments of correspondence studied 6,5 thousand students. The Institute had 27 departments, employing 386 teachers, including 5 doctors, professors and 140 associate professors and Ph.D.. Institute Library (more than 500 thousand units. Coll.) Had three student reading rooms and one room for teachers.

Poltava National Pedagogical University named after VG Korolenko - one of the oldest educational institutions of higher education of Ukraine, famous for its educational and educational traditions. Korolenkivtsi proud that they created a spiritual aura of the facility outstanding scientists and teachers: the founder of the Ukrainian national pedagogy G. Vashchenko, historians Bagaley D., I. Rybakov and N. Mirza, Avakyants, linguists and ethnographers Sumtsov M., V. Shchepotieva, I. Mayfet, V. Voropay mathematician, physicist A. Pobedonostsev, composer and conductor M. Verhovinets. For over 90 years of history within its walls prepared more than 50 thousand qualified teachers of various specialties, including outstanding educators present A. Makarenko (1914-1917 biennium) and V. Sukhomlynsky (1936-1938 biennium), scientist and Ostrogradsky Kondratyuk, more than 30 writers, over 100 distinguished educators, hundreds of education of Ukraine, and Heroes of Socialist Labor Hero of the Soviet Union, ministers, academics.

Through the efforts of several generations of faculty, students, university staff became known not only in Ukraine but also beyond the borders of our National.

On the authority of the university among higher education institutions show a high place in the ratings (including the "Golden Fortune" and "Sophia") in various categories for many years. In the years of independence, there were certain structural changes. Today the university has 8 faculties: the historical, natural, physical, mathematical, philological, technology and design, psychology and pedagogy, physical education and one separate Crimean psycho-pedagogical faculty (Simferopol), 36 departments, successfully passed the National accreditation, introducing a degree system of training specialists, including master. It opened with 12 graduate specialties (Theory and History of Education, learning theory, theory and methods of education, botany, ecology, economics, history of Ukraine, Thermophysics and molecular physics, social philosophy and philosophy of history, Ukrainian literature, Russian literature, Germanic languages) and doctorate from 2 specialties (Theory and History of Pedagogy, History of Ukraine).

As at 31 December 2006 the educational and research process to provide CPAP 463 teachers, among which 34 doctors and professors and 184 associate professors and candidates of science.

In the faculty of the University - Full Member and Corresponding Member of APS of Ukraine, two Honored Artist of Ukraine, 3 distinguished men of science and engineering of Ukraine, 3 distinguished educators Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, 2 Honored Worker of Ukraine Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports, the honored trainer of Ukraine, more than 30 awarded an "Excellence in Education of Ukraine, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, 6 masters of sports, USSR National Prize Laureate.

Total number of students amounts to 8508 persons including 4959 full-time students, 3446 students and 103 part-time students External studies. University trains specialists in educational and skill levels of Bachelor, Specialist, Master of full-time, part-time and External studies. Training of specialists is conducted by dual specialties.

Today CPAP housed in four buildings, four dormitories have by 1300 seats, a sports complex. When you are setting your own botanical garden, production workshops, sanatorium, which recovers once 50 students.

Today the university library has 543 thousand volumes and is the largest knigoshovischem in the Poltava Region has 5 tickets and 4 reading halls for 300 seats, rare books department. For the convenience of students' independent work created rooms in the dormitories.

The University Museum of University History, Evolution, natural, archaeological, Ukrainian rushnykarstva and memorial audience Korolenko, A. Makarenko, V. Sukhomlynsky, M. Ostrogradsky Kondratyuk et al. In February 2006, a museum of folk artist of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Raisa Kirichenko.
Among the creative teams of the University are winners of international and national competitions: group sports and dance "Grace" (Championship of Ukraine, the world and Europe), Ukrainian folk choir "Kalina", which annually tours abroad (Russia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Turkey etc..) Folk Dance Ensemble "Spring" folklore "Living Water" Chamber Choir of the P. Limanskaya; vocal group "1000 Years of Music" and "Thyme" KVN team "Fima" (participant Major League CIS) and others. Every year festivals are held art 'Student Spring "(only gala concert involved 20 teams and over 30 solo), competitions freshmen" Hello, we are looking for talent! " and many others.

The university's work and about 60 masters of sports of Ukraine, 6 masters of sports of international class, an honored master of sports of Ukraine, among them - the world champion in powerlifting I. Jaworski, a member of the Olympic Games in Sydney S. Izmailov (athletics). Annual sports of athletics, the competition for the prizes of the Rector Acad. VO Pashchenko volleyball, beach volleyball, mini football, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and more. Efforts of the Faculty of Physical Education each spring is all-university day care. On the basis of CPAP created and successfully acting in Ukraine team championships in volleyball (female), futsal (female), football (men), handball (men), hockey (women).

The University has developed an infrastructure that meets the basic functional areas referred to the Charter, and provides training for teachers of higher level.

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