Organization of hotel services

Description and features of hotel services, the list of requiring payment and free of charge services. Types of additional services which are given in tourist complexes of Ukraine. Organization of domestic consumer, transport, leisure services in hotels.

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1.1 Description and features of hotel services

Services, which are given in the hotels of Ukraine divided into basic, and additional (other). Services of dwelling behave to basic services. Process of grant of basic services in hotels it is possible schematically to divide into and few basic stages:

- information about services;

- backuping (reserving) of places;

- realization of services;

- meeting and send-offs of tourists;

- service is during and stay.

Process of grant of informative services in hotels - one of importent. An of able grant information comes into and notice, excites interest and desire to purchase and favour, that to carry out the choice of hotel, to the room hotel, term of stay and others like that. But, it costs to conduct informative activity with large professionalism.

Backuping ( reserving) of places in hotels and other facilities of placing allows and personnel to prepare to maintenance of tourists, and to the tourists more rationally to conduct leisure.

Meeting of and placing of tourists includes in hotels: transference of luggage, delivery of the keys, and accompaniment to the number.

Distributing of tourists after numbers is carried out service of reception and placing of hotel (administrator). The basic requirements in the process of reception and placing of tourists is: operationability, clearness and speed of registration of document.

The finishing stage of grant of basic services in and hotel is payment and departure.

With purpose of upgrading and culture of maintenance of users, and also to the competitiveness in the world market of hotel services, hotels must have not only high level to the comfort but also wide choice of additional services.

On of the method of grant additional (other) services can be requiring payment and free of charge.

To requiring payment additional services belong:

- restaurant and la carte;

- shops ( newspapers, souvenirs);

- garage;

- fitness - club;

- banquet and conference halls;

- salons of beauty;

- mini bar and service in numbers;

- services of taxi ( transfer);

- nurse;

- requiring payment television;

- tea or coffee-pot;

- and safe is in and number.

free additional services:

- storage of luggage is in the chambers;

- using pharmacy medicines;

- delivery in the number of the certificate and souvenir advertising, form envelopes and paper;

- storage of values;

- grant of filaments, needles;

- edition of certificates is about and location and mode of operations of points of domestic consumer services;.

- exchange of currency;

- rigging is for invalids;

- transport services;

- hair dryer;

- cleaning of shoe;

- and floor is the first class for corporate clients.

The list of additional (other) services considerably differs in different after kinds and categories hotels. «5 stars» must give all additional services independently. For of this purpose they must have the ramified network of subsections which produce and will realize plenty of various additional services (barbershop, restaurant, bar, separation of connection and bank, shop, dry-cleaning, cashdesk, on the sale of tickets on all types of transport and others like that). Hotels of which can not independently give all complex of additional services enter into contracts on the grant of the proper services with комунально-побутовими, transport, bank, point-of-sale enterprises, by establishments of culture and others like that.

Consequently, it is expedient to organize service of hotels not on principle of demand, but on principle of suggestion, constantly to extend the assortment of additional services and perfecting the system of domestic service, it is necessary maximally to approach it to the generally accepted world norms and standards.

1.2 Types of additional services which are given in hotels and tourist

complexes of Ukraine

A volume, quality and variety of services, and hotel economy is conditioned, mainly, by the state of material and technical base (buildings, buildings, engineer, sanitary equipment, electric devices furnitures, television sets, refrigerators and other objects, intended for maintenance of resident).

With of the purpose of upgrading and culture of maintenance of users, and also to the competitiveness in the world market of hotel services, facilities of placing must have not only high level to the comfort but also wide set of additional services. It of is expedient to organize service of hotels not on principle of demand, but on principle of suggestion. A variety and assortment of additional services broaden constantly.

Without of regard to the variety of assortment of additional services, it is expedient to divide them into groups which have general lines from point of satisfaction of demand on them:

1. Services of which facilitate the stay of tourists in and hotel and tourist district consist of the followings groups of services:

- informative (informing about services, that they are given by and hotel, entertainments in tourist district, transport copulas, possibilities of purchase of commodities, location of historical, cultural sights and establishments, and others like that);

- communal, domestic (washable, cleaning, ironing of clothes, repair of shoe, clock, suitcases, sporting an inventory and others like that);

- intermediary (backuping of places in animation establishments, order of theatrical tickets, backuping of numbers, in other facilities of placing and others like that);

- services motor-car tourists (providing and garage, stand, light maintenance of transport vehicles);

- grant of printing products, table games;

- to the sale of commodities;

- rental sporting, beach an inventory, cars, multiplying technique, and ін.;

- storage of correspondence, values.

2. Services, which enrich knowledge of tourists about and district, country (organization of excursions, meetings, viewing of films, triumphs, is concerning national holidays).

3. Services of which promote the level of comfort in numbers (presentation of appetizers and drinks to the number, medical and cosmetic procedures in and number, establishment of additional equipment in and number, organization of sporting and health services, conditioning, for the leadthrough of conferences and other).

4. Services of which satisfy the special requirements of guests -- figures of art, sportsmen, businessmen, but other (grant of musical instruments, personal tour guide, translator, secretary, providing telex connection, by and computer).

The list of additional services considerably differs in different after kinds and categories hotels. 5 stars must give the hotels of category all additional services independently. For of this purpose they must have the ramified network of subsections which produce and will realize plenty of various additional services (barbershop, restaurant, cafe, bar, separation of connection and bank, shops, booths, dry-cleaning, cashdesk, on the sale of tickets on all types of transport and others like that).

Hotels of which can not independently execute all complex of additional services make agreement with communal, domestic, transport, bank, point-of-sale enterprises and establishments of culture but other

After of obligatoryness of grant additional services are divided into obligatory and not obligatory. The of obligatoryness of additional services depends on the class of hotel and determined of National Standard of Ukraine.

Consequently, what services can we get in the hotels of different «stars»?

Will of begin with access roads. A parking place has been in the distance no more 400м for one, two - and three - stars hotels. Them of four -, five - stars «colleagues» are under an obligation to have an own stand. Seating of capacity for park in first - not less than 20% from the amount of numbers, in the second - not less than 25%.

On and bell from the reception is possible to expect in any hotel, and here on and telephone in and number - only beginning from the level of «three stars». Telephones of with an output on an international line must be in all four -, five -stars hotels. Last of also can presence of telephones in every room in multirooms numbers, and the guests of five -stars multirooms apartaments will be able to call by phone even from and bathroom.

Such of concepts, as three-, to apply the four - set (and anymore) numbers is possible to only to one, two - stars hotels. In of their three -, four- and five - stars hotels all numbers - or one, or two - set.

Amount of numbers with complete bathroom of in one- stars hotels must be not less than 25%, in two - stars - not less than 50%, in other - 100%. In of new hotels not depending on the category of numbers without «comforts», being does not can. Obliged of to provide conditioning and support of stationary temperature (18-22°) and humidity (45-60%) only four - , five -stars hotels. On of general illumination and lamp whitewash beds the guests of hotels of any category can expect. In of new and rekonstruktion hotels of level of four - five - stars near the head of and bed of bed there must be also and remout control of general light. An of television set in and number must be in all hotels from three stars and higher.

On of an obligatory hair dryer in and number can expect only four-, five -stars lodgers, on and dressing-gown and slippers - only guests of five -stars hotels.

For of the level of three stars and higher obligatory universal hall for the leadthrough of cultural, business measures video equipment. And of here business-center with copying technique and connecting to the of Internet by computers obligatory only in four -, five -stars hotels.

Swimming of pool, sauna, trainer hall, solarium, massage, sporting hall... All of this set fully far not in all hotels, but, that and right to apply on 3-5 stars was, and hotel is guilty to have at least two objects from listed above. A swimming pool is obligatory only for five -stars hotels.

The lodgers of all certificated hotels can count on the washable of the personal things. The of unique difference is time of returne things: for one, three -stars this term makes 24 hours, for four -, five -stars - 12 hours. In of last iron it is possible to turn an auxiliary personnel (works and in weekend), one, three -stars are under an obligation to give for gests iron and board.

There of can be dry-cleaning in the hotels of level of three -, five - stars. Light of maintenance of clothes, accordingly to the standards, is executed in all hotels. In of four -, five -stars and shoe is cleaned by and personnel, in three -stars is an or personnel, or special automat. Servises of secretary, stenographer, translator, messenger, can avail the guest of four -, five -stars hotels. At of pleasure in the hotels of level of three - five -stars can give in the use (independent or at participation of personnel) of computer, electronic communication means, video - and audio equipment].

An maintainance of values is in the safe of administration and luggage is in all hotels. Change of “гривні- долари-євро” it is possible in three -stars hotels and higher (in four -, five -stars - round-the-clock; for three -stars the presence of exchange point or of ATM of is assumed in the distance to 100м). Credit of cards must accept in the hotels of level of three - five - stars. Chetiri-, five -stars will organize transfer in airport or on the station and help with the lease of auto. On of transport obliged reserving of tickets to get busy hotels from three stars and higher, and reserving and sale of tickets to the theater, cinema and others like that - from two stars and higher. Three -, four - and five -stars hotels are under an obligation to give lodgers breakfasts, and also tourist services.

On of the method of grant additional services can be requiring payment and free. To of free services belong: storage of luggage is in baggage rooms (not more than two places); delivery of telegraph correspondence is in and number; call of first-aid; delivery in the number of thermometer, medicines of daily necessity; reveille of resident in be what time; delivery in the number of the certificate and souvenir advertising, brandname envelopes and paper; storage of money, securities (in obedience to description); grant of filaments, needles; and grant information is about and location and mode of operations of points of domestic consumer services and other services.

Perfecting of the system of domestic service, it is necessary to approach it to the generally accepted world norms and standards.

1.3 Organization of domestic consumer services

Domestic of consumer services are directed on satisfaction of necessities of guests, which arise up during their dwelling in and hotel.

The of followings enter in the complement of services of domestic consumer services:

- Urgent of washable and dry-cleaning, repair and ironing of the personal things (in and number in and folder with advertising there must be order-forms on and washable and cleaning of clothes. There of also there must be sights about that, how to hand over clothes in and washable: if and guest wants to hand over clothes in and washable or cleaning, he must put him in and package and hang out the special tablet on the handle of doors and number or to say about it and senior housemaid( to the manager of superficial service). Can of give such favour in and hotel, where the laundry is.

- In of the hotels of lower category it is possible to take iron on and rental basis . An of guest irons in and number or in the special domestic room.

- Urgent of repair and cleaning of shoes. In of many hotels there are workshops on repair of shoes. In of the halls of high quality hotels vehicles stand for cleaning of shoes. In of numbers there are brushes for cleaning of shoe and clothes.

- Storage of belongings and values ( baggage room and safes in numbers and for an administrator).

- Unloading, load and delivery luggage, is in and number ( paid gratuities - the turn of messengers gets in hotels organized, to get identical gratuities).

- Rental of the articles of the cultural and welfare setting (tableware, sporting inventory, etc.).

- Light of maintenance of clock, electric razors.

- Services of barbershop, manicure and massage cabinets. These of services can be given and in and number, but have and mark-up.

As and rule in every number in and folder with advertising there is and paper for letters, envelopes, special tablets which can be hung out on the handle of doors, if and guest asks to wash clothes, clean and number or does not want simply, that he was disturbed.

1.4 Maintenance of users by and feed in the numbers of hotel

During of meeting and registration of guests and service of placing next to other information about services which are given in and hotel, especially turns their attention on organization of feed. There of must be and menu of breakfasts of and few variants in service of reception. Some of hotels plug the cost of breakfast in the cost of dwelling, and in some is an ordinary additional requiring payment favour.

In of be what case and hotel must offer and guest products exactly of the establishments of feed, accordingly, with the maximal account of their tastes and wishes. Calling of at and number, and client in and folder with information materials must find the menu of restaurant. Exactly of in and number, thinking over the plans, the client of hotel can make decision to become the client of restaurant. An of large value in acceptance of this decision has and menu.

Most of hotels set in the numbers of mini - bar with the certain set of drinks, fruit, pastry wares. A guest can avail mini - bar, and at departure to pay and cost taken from him.

Services of mini - bar are profitable enough, and most hotels successfully give these services clients. Mini-bar of is filled up on the measure of necessity by and duty waiter.

1.5 Transport of services

Transport of services - one of important types of service in and hotel. To of them belong: reserving of tickets on the different types of transport, ordering taxi, rental of vehicles and others like that.

1.6 Organization of leisure in tourist - hotels complexes

On of development of tourism organization of leisure influences substantially. The of primary objective of tourist leisure is: improvement of maintenance of man in own time; bringing in of it is to the various animation measures which are carried out tourist complexes (by hotels, by resort hotels, tourist bases and camps, tourists clubs); organization of effective rest of man; forming of optimistic mood, proceeding in it, intellect and physical forces.

Organization of tourist leisure is carried out the special services in tourits complexes, which have the name of «animation», «recreation» or «rest». Exactly of presence of such service, the material and technical rigging, skilled providing, remove it status and role of tourist complex at the market of rest-tourist services, him commercial success and prospects of development. That, increasing the amount of users in and concrete tourist center is possible not only by the increase of hotel numbers, clear work of airlines, removal of communal problems, but also by conditioning for comfort, various, interesting rest, providing of high-quality rest service. Animation of service is created at and tourist complex accordingly functions to strategy of development of all organization and closely co-operates with other subsections: financial, legal, skilled, technical, by security service. Therefore of the workers of animation service not only develop the program of rest activity with guests but also take part in forming of price policy of the placing, in and decision skilled questions, operating, transport and , exyrsion and other problems in obedience to those tasks which stand before animation service.

In of rest measures the cocial - demographic features of tourist -- their nationality, age, quantity of group and duration of stay, cultural features, ethnic belonging, religious looks, observances of certain traditions and habits, are taken into account but other of Not of superfluous will be to analyse reasons which induce and man to tourist activity, necessities which it wants, visiting rest measures (intercourse, creation, emotion enriching, activity, cognition, proceeding in phisical forces, rest, aesthetically beautiful pleasure).

As and rule, animation service of tourist complex is headed by manager- animator, in the submission of what metodistics - animators, organizators- animators and animators of Maintenance of and level of activity of animation service, robot of it, various departments depend on tasks and possibilities of tourist complex.

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