Pages of my summer

Pages about my summer. Everybody dreams about brilliant summer.

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Pages about my summer

Everybody dreams about brilliant summer. My last summer was great. During this summer I visited Crimea and Kharkov, I went to the camp in Grenikovka and I had seen a lot of beautiful places in Ukraine. At the beginning of my summer I had a rest on the pictures bank of the river Oskil. We went to Senkov. We cooked “Polevaya Kasha” and fried shashlik, bathed in the river, played volleyball and hang out on the boat.

After that we went to Crimea. There were four of us: Igor, Nastya, Vika and I. We climbed the mountains, swam in the Black Sea. We slept in the tent. We sang during the sun set. We took party in different paradise. We went to Alushta. We were hanging around together. It was a good time but we had to leave.

After Crimea I went to Grenikovka's camp. In Grenikovka we swam in the pool. It wasn't the Black Sea but it wasn't so bad. I made a lot of friends. We played football, basketball, and as every child we made some stupid things: lets keep it a secret. The best things was a camp fire. It was the biggest and beautiful.

Time had passed and I had to go to home. At home I hang out with my friends and I just as enjoying the lest of the summer.

No you can find out how I spent my summer this year.

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