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Social "pocketbook" events for the popularization of book reading in Ukraine. Features of architectonics of modern student printed periodicals. Language game as f feature of postmodernism in journalist's text. Show programs communication TV technologies.

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UDC 007:304:659


А.А. Bessarab

Research methodology. The article's research used the content analysis of the materials, represented on the PocketBook company's pages in the social media for the readers' culture formation.

Results. The article deals with the social and communication events of PocketBook company, which introduced to the world market more than 30 models of electronic E Ink readers and multimedia tablets, most part of which became innovations in the electronic reading sphere. It was found that PocketBook company is not only the manufacturer of e-book, but the active public figure, one of the most affluent subjects of the readers' culture formation. It's confirmed by its projects as KidRead, ReadRate and BookLand, as well as numerous competitions and festivals, in which the company is acting as an initiator or sponsor (The Best Reader of Ukraine, Magic book, Reading for Pleasure, Children in a Journey: the Most Funny Stories etc.); prestige prises and awards, gained by the company, its vigorous activity in the social media.

The notably topical and unique information (in particular, about the events initiated by the company) is constantly spreading on the social nets ' pages. PocketBook company offers its readers in a subtly manner, recommending materials about its products, with the same time forming the readres culture of the target group with the help of addressing to celebrities, of image of PocketBook reader's display with a famous person quote (usually a writer), of interesting phrases, by that motivating the group's participants to read and respect a book, with the help of recommendations about the leisure-time, related to the books story line, and of getting acquainted with works of winners ofprestigious literary awards and other prises, with the help of notes devoted to the certain events, of links to articles show how a reader makes life easier.

Novelty. The PocketBook company's activity has not in the focus of researcher's attention yet as a subject of the readers ' culture formation.

The practical significance. The research results can be used during the development of events dedicated to the rearing books 'popularization both in a state and individuals level.

UDC 655.424


H. R. Bilograts

Research methodology. The methodological base of research are the principles of complexity, reliability and scientific objectivity. In order to study the theme was included general scientific methods -- comparison, compilation, analysis, synthesis, which made it possible to distinguish students printed periodicals and determine its main features, which distinguish it from the array of all periodicals. Analysis of copies of editions for young people, who are studying in universities used methods of content-analysis and structural-typological, which have improved the study of texts.

Results. The research describes the different levels of students periodical structure, the features of structural and compositional elements, specified what way helps in the work a modular grid, analyzed the categories that is most often used in the journals by students.

Novelty. Scientific novelty consists in the fact that processed more than 300 copies of modern Ukrainian student editions, conclusions on the features of their architectonics. In the article detected the features structural elements, their deficiencies in the press for students. We describe the impacts a modular grid on the work in issues, researched categorization system of student editions.

The practical significance. Considering the lack of comprehensive and objective investigation of the structure of student periodicals, insufficient processing of topics in scientific literature, the results of our exploration have a practical value and can be used by students in periodicals.

UDC 007 : 304 : 001 : 81


A. V Voronka

Research methodology. The article applies the theoretical analysis of scientific research on multimedia information space in general and reference books in particular, has reviewed the scientific studies in the theory of hypertext in reference books; a revealed factual material was used in the synthesis with the aim of presenting a coherent picture of the use of hypertext technology in multimedia reference books. The study is based on the researches of M. Lukina, I. Fomicheva, I. Kiriya, R. Craig, A. Fagerjord and T. Storsul. The above-mentioned scientists consider multimedia primarily as a trait characteristic of modern online journalism, however, in our study it is proved that the multimedia is also implemented in modern reference books. Hypertext as a sign of the current information space in general and reference books in particular are considered on the basis of the researches done by of A. Baranov, G. Potapova, L. Epstein, G. Ryabov, N. Subbotin, A. Dedova, S. Kornev, etc.

Results. The result of this research is the formation of theoretical bases and practical recommendations for editors of modern multimedia reference work.

Novelty. This article was first to study in detail the phenomenon of multimedia and defined hypertext as an integral element of the multimedia reference source.

The practical significance. The research results can be practically applied by the editor when planning future reference edition and to improve the already published dictionaries and encyclopedias.

UDC 82-92:811.161.2

Language game as f feature of postmodernism in journalist's text

G. O. Gershun

Research methodology. In order to prove an attachment of such device as language game to the paradigm of postmodernism we have used the method of textual analysis. It helped us to reveal specific features of this device in modern journalists' texts and to connect them to the signs of literary postmodernism. The inductive method helped us to find and generalize main types of language games.

Results. Language game in postmodern journalism text exists in such forms as “fresh” metaphor, derivation, intertextuality and wordplay. Their attachment to con-ception ofpostmodernism can be found in specific ways of using. “Fresh” metaphors and intertextuality are immanent to postmodern itself. Creation of occasionalisms helps journalist to make a characteristic without using large syntactic constructions. Wordplay, which now appears not only in publicistic genre, destroys the nature of news and analytic genres.

Novelty. In this article we have researched the question of transplantation of postmodernism features into media texts and classified postmodern devices in journalist's materials. This is a new conception of mass-media researches.

The practical significance. Conclusions and thesis of this article can be applied and developed in further researches. It also can be used in preparation of lectures and developing media courses.

UDC 007 : 304 : 004.9


K.V. Grubych

Research methodology. In the article the the communication technologies of television entertainment programs from the perspective of the theory of mass communications as an aspect of social communication were reviewed. The influence of television on the minds of viewers by mutation and inmutation, the analysis of the main genres of television programs, entertainment channels which inherently perform as a television communications technologies.

Results. The result of the research is to systematize the various approaches to the study of television communication technologies. Modern communication technologies are due to the influence of the mass audience visual images of television. Impact on the audience is carried out at a subconscious level, but a lot of factors may also cause it. Thus, from the correctness, professionalism, integrity presenting information via the TV screen depends the behavior of thousands of people.

Novelty. The novelty of this research is in the fact that among domestic research media communication there is one of the first attempts to systematize communication technology of the television shows, set out the classification of such technologies in accordance with the genres of entertainment programs.

The practical significance. Correct understanding and appropriate use of television and communication technologies during the creation of show programs, leads to greater efficiency of transmission, high-quality transmission of content from the broadcaster to the audience, increasing a total culture among viewers.

UDC 655.413:050


J. Dmytriv

Research methodology. The methodological basis of the study is made by the principles of complexity and reliability in the context of e-learning editions. To identify the condition of the topic development, we have used the methods of comparison, analysis, synthesis and content analysis, which made it possible to distinguish the concept of e-Learning editions of modern electronic media and determine the extent of the book publishing culture in today's information society.

Results. The basic attention has been paid to the content of electronic textbooks in general and text content in particular, the direct influence of the content on readership due to the modern tools of computer technology has been emphasized. We have also revealed a number of shortcomings in the text content, whereby the need ofprofessional editorial intervention in textbooks of this type has been proved.

Novelty. The scientific novelty of the research is that it has been the first time to refer to the content of e-learning editions in terms of the editor, content editor and an attempt to assess the content cultural of these editions has been made, paying attention to the dominance of electronic media information ofpoor quality.

The practical significance. Today the actual qualitative e-learning editions are designed at all stages of their preparation to be created by experts, who stick to the standards of the design and processing of information products in general --from the concept to the implementation- and textual component in particular because of the huge number of shortcomings. The research results can be used in teaching courses on design of information products using multimedia, online editing, computer and communication technologies.

UDC 070.1:32


K. V Zadvoma

Research methodology. The relevance of the theme is in the fact that political institutions and media institutions, politicians and journalists interact, collaborate, struggle and adapt to make political messages which influence the formation of public opinion and the governance of the country in general. The aim of the research is to study the relationship between the political public relations activities and the media and to find out how political communication and its technologies influence public opinion and well-being of the country in general. This study of political communication concentrates on a relationship between politicians and the media and their interaction. The methodology is based on the principles of historical, terminological, functional and systematic approaches. Such methods as content analysis, analogy and synthesis were usedfor a detailed study of the described issue.

Results. Brian McNair identified the effects of political communication in the globalised world, where the politicians increasingly adapt to media demands, media logics and media perspectives and to the politics itself.

Novelty. This article represents the analysis of the phenomenon of political communication, its existence and implementation on the example of the developed capitalist countries through the views of Brian McNair, the author of “An Introduction to Political Communication”.

The practical significance. Received results may be used to analyze the basics of realization of the political communication for the research in the field of Public Relations; for the study of subjects, that indirectly or directly relate to social communications; to prepare specific courses or workshops on the theme of political communication.

reading student journalist

UDC 007:304:070.1+ 351.751.6+621.397


O. V. Kyrylova

Research methodology. In order to determine the current trends of the Indian media environment the systematic analysis of the mass media of the Republic of India was implied. Economic, political, legal, and social factors were under consideration during the process of analysis.

Results. Media environment of the Republic of India is not only a powerful economic sector, but also an essential component of the global communication system. Now, leading world print media talk about the circulation crisis and advertising downturn. At the same time Indian newspapers and magazines are enlarging their audience both in quantity and quality aspects. The magazine publishing doesn't remain aloof. The trends of diversification are included in the publishing sector. These trends can create homogeneous groups, which are attractive for advertisers. The sector of TV and radio strengthens its influence. It occurs in the asymmetric dual model of broadcasting. The growing presence of Indian media in the network takes place at the same time. We can say, that the availability of the Indian modern media system has positive development perspective.

Novelty. It is for the first time that the systematic analysis of the Indian media environment is done.

The practical significance. The results of the investigation can be used for further study of the Asian media market.

UDC 81'255.43=:655.41(477)»1880/2014»:82.09Ч.Діккенс


O. S. Levytska

Research methodology. The studying of the works created by the prominent representatives of worldfiction is intimately related to their translation and the editions published in a target language. Historiographical, translating, historical and literary researches are based on the resultsfrom related branches (fields).These branches deal with significant aspects of the investigated object, forming the basis not only for its scientific reception but also for publishing practice. The article suggests a historiographical review of Ukrainian publications of the works by the English writer in order to systematize the information concerning the publishing history of Charles Dickens ' writings and the updating of his work in contemporary translating and publishing.

Results. The reception stages of works by Dickens in Ukraine have been traced due to the acquaintance withforeign translations (up to 1880s), thefirst translated andpublished works by Ye.Olesnytskyi, I. Belej, etc. One canfind the activation ofthe translated novels by Ch.Dickens in the times of Ukrainian Renaissance 1920-1930s (the translation of «A Christmas Carol in prose» by O.Kosach-Kryvyniuk and S. Kulykivna, «Oliver Twist» by V.Cherniakhivska and A.Selskyi, «Domby and Son» and «The Pickwick Papers» by

M.Ivanov, «Hard Times» by K.Shmyhovskyi, «David Copperfield» by Yu.Koretskyi), in 1960s -- particularly on the occasion of 150th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birthday. The works by Ch. Dickens have been introduced by Ukrainian publishing houses in the series of world classical literature. The works by Dickens presented in Ukrainian language nowadays have been deeply analyzed.

Novelty. The bibliographical review of publications containing the translated works of Charles Dickens -- from the first versions to the latest ones in 2014 -- has been done. The current researches based on the translation of Dickens ' novels have been supplemented with contemporary editions.

The practical significance. The analysis of Dickens' literary heritage published in Ukrainian demonstrates not only permanent appeal to some of his novels but also the gaps that should be filled in by Ukrainian translators and publishers. The available translations exhibit the inaccuracy of the earlier ones, the loss of their relevance and the urgent necessity to translate other works by him.

UDC 007:304:655[303.4:028](477)


H. B. Lystvak

Research methodology. To manage with statistic data in newest studies of reading the general scientific methods of comparison, synthesis, and analysis have been applied. As well as comparative historical and structural typological methods have been used to single out the most important influences on readers ' behavior.

Results. The features of scientific approaches to the studies of reading and readership in Ukrainian researches have been reviewed. The article traces the changes of a view on these objects, as well as the interpretation of research results. The appearance of screen media, new literary trends, and the rearrangement of social communication with the prevalence of audio-visual media, are analysed as the basic factors that transform modern reading format. The options of application of the results of these studies in publishing practice for successful business and for promoting reading by creating its fashionable image and using interactive tools are outlined.

Novelty. The scientific novelty of the research lies in the fact that the analysis of the results of the latest studies of reading conducted in Ukraine have been made for the first time. The connection between statistical results in studies and general trends in reading is described and its importance for practitioners publishing is defined.

The practical significance. The study of certain aspects of reading and reading preferences is an important element of successful publishing process. In order to respond to social change in time and to do this successfully, modern publishers need to track readership studies, and even to conduct such researches themselves among their readers. This article suggests ways to use the results of the studies of reading, such as: to organize public relations events, aimed to create and popularize the famous names of Ukrainian writers, to popularize the image of reading as a fashionable activity, and to focus on the readers ' tastes, on worldwide new products and new technologies while forming the publishing repertoire.

UDC 070.4: 821.161.2 - 7.01+Tychyna


А. O. Perepelitsa

Research methodology. Methodological basis of the research consists of principles of historicism, trustworthiness, scientific objectivity which are founded on the priority ofdocumentary facts. For the exposure ofproblem readiness level the general methods of research were used such as analysis, comparison, generalization and axiological principles which gave the possibility to trace out the axiological being of P Tychyna during his editorial activity and also provided theoretical background formation.

Results. In the proposed research the objective and subjective aesthetical ideals of P. Tychyna-editor were found out and analyzed, inner ideal plan ofartist's creative work was reproduced considering the values of totalitarian epoch and aesthetic tastes, ratings, norms, principles, priorities of author's consciousness.

Novelty. The research novelty of the results is in the fact that firstly on the example of P. Tychyna's editorial process in the context ofpublishing and editing the problem of ideal were studied and widening of this science terminological base through the notion of «editorial ideal» was proposed.

The practical meaning. Deep research of aesthetical categories and axiological criteria of editorial process brought in by the founders of publishing give the possibility to study the nature of such elements of editorial activity as author and literature editing.

UDC 945(477)(051)


H. M. Savchuk

Research methodology. The main method of the research is comparative. Ukrainian publishing activities in the USA and Canada are compared. Also historical, chronological and biographical methods are applied to demonstrate Ukrainian Diaspora formation's peculiarities in both countries.

Results. Formation of Ukrainian informational space in The United States and Canada before 1914 is followed. The role of Ukrainian press in this process is noted. The question about internal opposing of Ukrainian society in emigration and its demonstration in publishing is answered. This is more equal to the USA, and less to Canada. In the last state Ukrainian's integration in political and social life of majority with own identity preservation was more successful. Process in The United States of America begun earlier, but in Canada its temp was higher. The 1st wave of Ukrainian emigrants put in the future Ukrainian informational space behind the Atlantic Ocean.

Novelty. The question of Ukrainian publishing activities in emigration as the part of Ukrainian informational space is new in this research. The author notices Canadian Ukrainian Diaspora's success and explains this by absence of high- graduated internal opposing not like in the USA. Limitation in chronology before the 1st World War is new also the most of other researches in this question considers the review of whole Ukrainian publishing in emigration.

The practical significance. The article can be the base for next researches in history, culture sciences, social communications etc. This is the part in the theme of universal Ukrainian informational space. Also it can be used like the material for Ukrainian printing history in lectures.

UDC 007:316.77


O. I. Svintsitska

Research methodology. The article uses the complex of philosophical and general scientific methods. Structural-semiotic is usedfor analysis of materials about people with special needs regarding the subject and genre; comparative analysis is used for the comparison of researched texts, indication of differences regarding the material presentation; systematization -- for the unification of journalistic texts into groups. Of importance were ideas of web-surfing, aesthetic modeling (О. Оnishchenko), and also the concept of aesthetic information (О. Polishchuk). The research was carried out on the crossing of such sciences as social communications and aesthetics, allowing claiming about the usage of cross-disciplinary approach.

Results. Main part of the materials is about people with special needs what makes us to admit «communication default» between worlds ofa physicallyfit person and the one with the limited physical possibilities. Materials of the research witness that disabled issues were of the concern of state authorities and people with special needs themselves (publicity demonstrates indifference mainly). The inconsiderable part of texts about the super power of will, unbroken life position and achievements of the disabled despite the life challenges show us the ultimate reality, going beyond the boundaries of the schemed healthy sense of mind, which is the undeniable fact, which in comparison with the thought, image and idea, doesn't change.

Novelty. In this research peculiarities of forming the image of a person with special needs in representations of Zhytomyr informational news portals are studied, bases of the world's view-valuable and aesthetic modeling, used while their establishment are analyzed.

The practical meaning. Obtained results can be used for the further scientific- theoretical elaboration of the issue of image ofpeople with limited physical abilities in mass media, and can be used while teaching courses on the journalistic bases, social communication theory, culture science, aesthetics, ethics, social philosophy.

UDC 007:304:070


Y. V Stadnytska

Research methodology. The main objective of research is provided with the scientific methods of analysis and synthesis. The following methods were used for revelation of fundamental activation tools of cognitive mental processes of child- reader in the 20-30's .of XX century and for discovering of popular scientific discourse in published sources: historical and descriptive method; bibliographic descriptive method; analytical and problem-themed method.

Results. In the 20-30-ies the understanding of the important functions of children's journalism is caused the search for the solution of problems that accompanied the process of its creation. The psychological and pedagogical studies of cognitive processes were very helpful, such as how the child tries to find the cause of the phenomenon. As a result of contemporary authors experiments, a system tools, that facilitate child explain scientific facts involved a child to read, stepped up her emotions kept attention, stimulate imagination and trained memory, was formed. The main goal was to maintain their emotional interest in the work, which in turn triggered cognitive mental processes reader.

Novelty. The special tools for the cognitive mental activation processes of child readers were discovered in children's magazines. Effective forms of system tools for knowledge popularization among children were discovered and included in the methods of children's journalists and publicists. Those forms are relevant to today and still using for creation cognitive texts in Ukrainian literature.

The practical significance. The actual material and results presented in the article can be used in the lectures on the history of publishing and editing, editing children's literature.

UDC [003.345:930.85]:316.773.2


V. N. Chekshturina

Research methodology. The socio-communicative and semiotic approaches as the theoretical and methodological basis of the signs and symbols decoding in ancient proto-books have been used. It has been proved that the earliest proto-books written in archaic signs-symbols (hieroglyphs, yao lines, cuneiform, devanagari, rune) contain predominantly sacral information, so their decoding requires an interdisciplinary approach to the cognition of the semantic component.

Results. There has been given an example of using of the syntactic method of information encoding for runic messages, haldrastave. The method for the runic inscriptions decoding has been presented. The methods of stage decoding of the sacral content of archaic signs-symbols have been proposed.

Novelty. The types of recipients in the communication process, where the sacral information being the content and a rune-sign being an encoding means have been distinguished.

The practical significance. Using the technique of the archaic signs-symbols decoding, it is possible to expand the knowledge of the ancient sacred information, identify the patterns of information decoding to predict the evolutionary changes in the means of communication in the future.

UDC 007:316.772.2


V E. Shevchenko

Research methodology. The methodological basis of the article consists of methods of observation, abstraction, formalization, analysis, synthesis, generalization, quantitative and comparative analysis. Figuratively symbolic approach allowed to consider the position of intercultural communication requests of specific audience through the identification, description, interpretation of visual components.

Results. Visual characteristics of individual style make it possible to distinguish a particular magazine from the others or point its relationship with other publications that form the specified system. The modern magazine is identified by unique visual characteristics, which include: cover and external design, logo, corporate font, color, graphics, and module structure of publication. The task of visual characteristics include formation of individual and unique image, creation a specific marker of information that identifies and provides an opportunity to point out magazine among many others, and strong memorization of associative images in the minds of readers. The visual style that meets the needs of readers and subjects ofpublication edition guarantees success in marketing.

Novelty. The article isfocused on afundamentally new approach to understanding the visual style of the journal and identifying its role in non-verbal communication as a language that helps the creation and perception of the magazine.

The practical significance. Systematization and the unity of the visual characteristics of style promote the creation of new magazines and rebranding existing ones, taking new approaches for displaying the data. Symbols and associations connected with the visual style of the magazine, cause a certain emotional state, desire to percept the material, report to the priorities of edition, facilitate its identification.

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