The essence of economic security of entrepreneurship

The concept and essence of economic security of the enterprise. Criteria of economic security. The need for and nature of a comprehensive system of economic security business. The emergence of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms.

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The transition to a market economy, the emergence of a significant number of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms, based on various forms of property, the presence of various methods of competition, legislative weaknesses, weak government structures to create normal conditions for business development, criminalization of economic life, and many other reasons We put the Belarusian economic entities in terms of when they have to pay significant attention to ensuring their economic security.

A distinctive feature of business is that in an open competitive environment of business entities acting on their own risk, under their own personal and, above all, property liability.

Every entrepreneur who organizes their work, should know that it will not only make a profit and enjoy all kinds of benefits, but also constantly taking risks. And not every company, even in countries with a rich history of the market, can withstand such a rigorous testing and ensure their economic security. For example, in the US, where the market economy has a long history and deep roots of 2 million. Annually produced by commercial enterprises, only 30% survive, the remaining 70% destined for bankruptcy. In this regard, consideration of this topic - the economic security of business is currently of particular relevance.

The disclosure of the theme in the set - to consider the essence of economic security and the principles of its software in the enterprise.

In the following tasks: to consider the essence of economic security of the enterprise, the need to create economic security of the enterprise, as well as to consider the organization of the system in the enterprise.

1. The concept and essence of economic security of the enterprise. Criteria and indicators of economic security

economic security business criteria

Economic security is one of the components of corporate security, which is a state of legal, financial and industrial relations, organizational relationships, material and intellectual resources, which provide the normal development of the industrial, financial and commercial success of the enterprise.

The economic success of the enterprise depends on a comprehensive approach to address the security problems of the financial, credit and legal spheres. The same complexity requires work with the staff. Now all the more urgent extensive work not only on the selection of a private team training, but economic security goes into the intellectual property protection plane enterprises and firms. They are interested in preserving their know-how, financial schemes of work with clients, etc.

Sometimes, focusing on the collection of material about potential threats, structural units can not identify, and even more so to predict the behavior of the staff of the company. Most exposed competitors is middle management. It is accounting for the greatest number of information leaks in favor of a competitor. Extensive damage in economic terms and the company are from disgruntled employees. Grievances these are generally - the result of egregious errors of management on work with personnel, lack of attention to the head of the microclimate in the team.

The essence of economic security for the enterprise structure is to ensure that the state best use of its resources for the prevention of threats to business and create conditions for a stable, efficient operation and profit.

economic security system is implemented in the system of criteria and indicators. The criterion of economic security - assessment of the state of the economy in terms of the most important processes that reflect the essence of economic security.

It should be noted that for economic security are important not so much the performance as their thresholds. Thresholds - a limit values, the violation of which prevents the normal course of development of the various elements of reproduction leads to the formation of negative, destructive in the area of ??economic security trends. It is important to emphasize that the highest degree of economic security is achieved, provided that the full range of indicators is within the permissible limits of threshold values, and the thresholds of performance is achieved at the expense of others.

2. The need for and nature of a comprehensive system of economic security business

The activities of entrepreneurs in the current economic conditions in Kazakhstan is very complex. And this is connected not only with the general state of crisis of the Russian economy, the continuing inflation, low rate of the ruble and other macroeconomic strains, but also with a number of specific factors that enhance the activation of the economic security of enterprise threats.

In addition, business activities, in essence, is very versatile. It is connected with the solution of organizational issues, legal and economic issues, technical aspects, human resources, etc. Especially complicated control such activities when the firm is a large, diversified industrial enterprise which has the widest business contacts and a significant number of suppliers: suppliers, creditors, borrowers and clients.

In any case, each company is a system, which includes the essential elements and relationships between them. The system - a collection of objects, whose interaction determines the availability of integrative qualities not inherent in its parts, components. Just along the lines of internal and external communication system (company) can be realized and the threat of economic security. To ensure maximum protection against these threats, and requires a certain activity, which should also be systematic.

The object of ensuring the economic security of the system appears stable economic condition of a business entity in the current and perspective period. It is the object of protection is largely dependent on the main characteristics of the economic security of the system. As the object of protection is a complex, the effective provision of economic security should be based on an integrated approach to the management of this process. The integrated approach takes into consideration in the management of the main object of all its aspects and all elements of the control system are considered only in the aggregate, integrity, unity. Thus, you must create a comprehensive system of economic security of enterprise activity.

A comprehensive system of economic security of business - a set of interrelated activities of organizational and legal nature, carried out in order to protect the business activities of the actual or potential acts of individuals or entities that may lead to significant economic losses.

At the heart of the development of an integrated system of economic security of enterprise defined concept should lie. The concept includes the target of an integrated security system, its objectives, principles, object and subject, strategy and tactics.

The purpose of this system - the minimization of internal and external threats to the economic state of a business entity, including its financial, material, information, human resources, on the basis of the developed and implemented a set of measures of economic-legal and organizational measures. It should be borne in mind that the greatest importance in ensuring economic security belongs to the primary business - the economic and legal and organizational measures to ensure the foundation, the basis of security, as opposed to the secondary - technical, physical, and so forth.

In the process of achieving this goal is carried out specific tasks that integrate all areas of security.

Problems solved by the security system:

* prediction of possible threats to economic security;

* organization of activities for the prevention of possible threats (preventive measures);

* identification, analysis and evaluation of any real threats of economic security;

* decision-making and organization of activities to respond to emerging threats;

* continuous improvement of the economic security of enterprise systems.

The object and the subject of economic security of enterprise systems are closely linked. The object of the system as a whole, as already mentioned, acts as a stable economic condition of a business entity in the current and perspective period. Specific objects are the same protection resources: financial, material, information, personnel.

The subject of economic security of enterprise systems is more complicated, because its activity is due not only to the features and characteristics of the object, but also the specific conditions of the environment that surrounds the subject of entrepreneurial activity. On this basis, we can distinguish two groups of subjects to ensure the economic security of business: external subjects; domestic entities.

The external actors are legislative, executive and judicial powers designed to ensure the safety of all participants, without exception, law-abiding business relations; and the activities of these bodies can not be controlled by the entrepreneurs. These bodies form the legislative basis for the operation and protection of entrepreneurial activity in its various aspects and ensure its execution.

The internal actors are the persons directly carrying out work to protect the economic security of a particular business entity. As such entities may be: workers own security service company (enterprise); invited employees of specialized firms that provide services for the protection of entrepreneurial activity.

Entities that provide economic security business, operate on the basis of specific strategies and tactics.

The basic economic security functions of the company are as follows: organization and implementation of the company's departments, together with the protection of confidential information; check information about attempts to blackmail, provocations and other actions against the staff that aim to obtain confidential information about the company's activities; organization of the collection, storage, automated accounting and analysis on issues of information security; inspections in the offices of the company and provide them with practical assistance on the safety of their activities; development and implementation of the provisions on trade secrets; check the rules of the private office; Workers check for compliance with the rules to ensure the economic, information and physical security; Assisting HR department HR in recruitment matters, placement, official travel and training; collection, processing, storage and analysis of information on contractors in order to prevent transactions with unscrupulous partners; execution management firm orders included in the competence of the service; cooperation with law enforcement agencies, conducting activities to detect and prevent various types of financial and economic crime; conducting official investigations into the disclosure of confidential information, loss of official documents of the employees of the company and acts threatening the economic security of the company.


Formation of corporate economic security of the system depends on the size of the enterprise, its economic, financial, industrial, technical, information, intellectual, professional, organizational and other possibilities. As international experience shows, small businesses often use the services of external specialized institutions: a variety of consulting and marketing centers, recruitment firms, the so-called credit bureaus providing information services on the goodwill of partners verification, security agencies and so forth.

Medium-sized enterprises tend to use a combination of security system. On the one hand, if necessary, receive services from external organizations, on the other - actively supported by the possibility of its own services and departments, such as legal and financial departments, marketing services, security, human resources, economic analysis, record keeping, etc. Sometimes in order to improve the efficiency of these services and departments for the protection of economic interests in such enterprises create a coordinating body or appointed leader, responsible for the economic security of the enterprise.

For a large enterprise is advisable to establish their own security. As a rule, the entire security coordinated by one of the company executives.

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