• Descriptions of non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 42 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam. Analyze Greenpeace activities such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing and nuclear power.

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  • The health impact of indoor air pollution in developing countries (respiratory infections, cancer, pulmonary disease, infant mortality). The interrelationship between poverty, dependence on polluting fuels and the importance of socioeconomic development.

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  • Study of the emerging soils and vegetation of technogenic landscapes of the forest-steppe zone and the zone of coniferous-broad-leaved forests. Dependence the stages of vegetation cover development on their position in the relief, composition of rocks.

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  • Comparative analysis is the annual, decadal and centennial variations in Giant Forest. The histories fire giant sequoias. Consideration of the causes of forest flammability. A statistics fire interval on the group. Evaluation grove in spatial scales.

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  • Current capabilities of the nuclear and related analytical techniques: neutron activation analysis, X-ray fluorescent analysis, and atomic adsorption spectrometry - are used to carry out analysis of wide range of foodstuffs and drinking water in Russia.

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  • Pollution features in Ukraine. The impact of human activities and industrial development on pollution. Ukrainian cities with major chronic air pollution problems. Researching of the problems of chronic coastal water pollution in the Transkarpatien.

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  • Problems and specificity of issues regarding pressure wastewater discharge. Example of application of parametric designing related to the use of CAD software in conducting new studies on the liquid flow in the devices for biological wastewater treatment.

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  • Problems and specificity of issues regarding pressure wastewater discharge. Example of application of parametric computer-aided design of wastewater discharge system for better design collector of wastewater in the areas of distributed architecture.

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  • Description Ecologcal situation on the Earth. Ecological Problems. Measures of the protection of atmosphere. Greenhouse effect, and his influence to climate. Acid rains and water pollution. Radiation Nuclear waste. Аgency agreement. Moskow environment.

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  • Parsing the ecological status of the territory of Ukraine. Analysis of climate change on Earth. An analysis of the problem of the shortage of fresh water on Earth. The problem of damage to the chemical balance of soil today.

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  • The relationship between the impact on the environment by the population of regions of Ukraine and the economic well-being, using a graphical method to determine the correlation coefficient. Conclusion the spatial distribution of the studied values.

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  • Trends in the Evolution of the Concept of Ecotourism. The Ecological Problems of Ecotourism in Delicate Forest Ecosystems. Environmental Engineering Considerations in Ecoresort Developments in the Cross River National Park District, their decision.

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  • The world problems: the amount of energy that is consumed globally. Ecological impacts on the planet. Information communications technologies that have affected the ecology of the planet. Developing environmentally friendly products such as bio-fuels

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  • Methods international transfer of climate change mitigation technologies. Research methods for TT. The role of technology in addressing climate change. The robustness of the positive effects of TT: insights from modified versions of the RICE model.

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  • The use of new computer tools in the context of the dynamic development of the market for the removal and management of waste water caused by the constant requirements of the legislation on environmental protection and energy efficiency, to meet them.

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  • Water pollution is a large set of adverse effects upon water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater caused by human activities. Sources of water pollution. Water pollution in Belarus. Man-made water systems. Natural water contamination.

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  • The article presents the research results of using different types of silicate minerals, their modified forms for sewage sorption treatment. Their physical and chemical properties, the mechanisms of action and sorption efficiency of natural minerals.

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  • Coagulation and flocculation. Sludge storage and removal. Dissolved air flotation. Membrane filtration. Pathogens: viruses, bacteria. Chlorine - strong oxidant. Ultraviolet disinfection. Meaning of hygiene for the survival and development of children.

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  • Характеристика света как абиотического фактора. Особенности температуры как абиотического фактора. Свойства влажности как абиотического фактора. Жизненные формы растений и животных, понятие биоиндикации. Адаптации организмов к абиотическим факторам.

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  • Разделение абиотических факторов среды на: физические (температура, свет, влажность, давление), химические (состав атмосферы, органические и минеральные вещества почвы) и механические факторы (рельеф местности, движения почвы и воды, ветер, оползни).

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