Comparison of Russian and British holidays and traditions

Brief review, general description and comparison of major holidays and national traditions of Great Britain and Russia, features in organization of holidays. Intercommunication of holidays with religion. Appearance of new consuetudes and traditions.

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Day of laughter

Custom to have fun and deceive each other on first of April exists in many countries. "Day of laughter" or "Day - the little fool" - so call this holiday and mark it in spite of the fact that it is not brought in one official calendar of significant events. According to historians and ethnographers, celebrating on first of April is an echo of pagan rite in honor of arrival of spring In Russia. Being afraid of "old woman-winter", wishing it to banish more likely, our ancestors changed clothes in skins of animals, put on masks that she has not learnt offenders, with songs and dancing burnt its stuffed animal and met the beauty- spring. Besides, in Russia considered that the malicious demon on first of April wakes up, and consequently it is necessary to deceive in every possible way each other to confuse him.

Well and the first case of mass draw has taken place in Moscow at the time of Peter I. In 1700 the holder of troupe of German comedians declared that during representation will get into an ordinary bottle. To the people at theatre has gathered much, and on a stage have taken out a bottle with an inscription "on First of April". Speak, for the most dull people the German has sometimes put a finger in a bottle to show that it has made a fool of them: see supposedly even my finger in a bottle does not climb, and I and will not climb through for a long time. In Russia the morning April Fools` alarm sounding usually in case of a fire became ridiculous draw and having roused all Peters burgers who have soon understood that became victims of draw. Still couple of years back Russians in large quantities took a great interest in jokes, like: "At you a back white» or «at you laces were untied!" Some come across till now on these old kind draws.

Easter Christ's Christ resurrects! Truly resurrects!

Light Christ's Revival has come to Russia - the most important orthodox holiday. This day is a special and a familiar to us since the childhood. We learn it on brightly painted eggs, on is tasty to the smelling Easter cakes covered with multicolored crumb on white glaze and on special joyful persons of people, coming back of temple .Orthodox such holiday consider as the most important thing and name a holiday of holidays -- Easter. Orthodox Easter in Russia is marked on the first Sunday after a spring equinox and a March full moon. Easter still name a life holiday and even inveterate atheists are reserved by an onions peel for a paint of eggs and with pleasure knead celebratory Easter cakes. Easter -- a holiday, drawing the beauty and improbable atmosphere of all: big and small, believing and doubting. A church celebration of the most important holiday of the orthodox people really grandiosely. And preparation for celebrating begins beforehand. On Saturday believers bear Easter cakes in church, eggs and Easter for consecration without which the Easter cake remains simply rich bread, and egg -- will lose the symbolical value. By the way, many people on ignorance name the baked Easter cakes which are on sale on the eve of a holiday in many shops -- Easter. Not to get to awkward position it is necessary to know that Easter is a dish from cottage cheese with every possible additive; it unlike Easter cakes is not baked.

Divine service in a temple begins with canon and religious procession reading. In churches time has begun divine services can be various. In the main temple of Volgograd the Kazan cathedral canon reading begins, approximately at 23.15 -- 23.30. The people coming in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a temple on Easter divine service, become witnesses of the sacred action not similar on any others. Before its beginning in temples all fixtures are lighted, believing stand with candles, and there is no more brightly and more joyfully a service, than in night of Revival of Jesus Christ.

Easter is Christian holiday in March or April. This day Christians remember the death of Christ and his return to life. They go to church and have a celebration dinner. The most popular emblem of Easter is the Easter egg. People paint eggs in different colours. For children Easter eggs a wonderful entertainment and an occasion to play pranks. Games on broken eggs and their driving carry away all children, looking on which adults rejoice.

The pleasure distinguishes Easter from all other holidays. Not that pleasure that that pleasure is received from fair quantity of strong drinks in a New Year's Eve, not that comes with reception of expensively gift at date of enamored, and pleasure of that a life is fine that it does %tit come to an end that it proceeds eternally. Easter -- a life holiday!

Holiday of spring and work

On first of May it was celebrated in the Russian empire for the first time in 1890 in Warsaw, and in 1891 already in capital - in St.-Petersburg.

It's the first name - Day of the international solidarity of workers. In Soviet Union a holiday often named simply on number - on first of May.

In the Russian Federation it is marked, as a holiday of spring and Work.

As though it named - Day of solidarity of workers or a holiday of spring and work, for many on first of May traditionally symbolizes revival and arrival of spring.

The big emotional charge which it bears in itself (himself) is connected not only with sensation of spring awakening of the nature, but also with perception on first of May as the general celebration rallying all Russians. "A mass holiday" on first of May became in the USSR. And it really was the holiday for the workers who have received in addition two days off. In May fete passed on all country. In This day people amicably went on demonstration with headers and colours. The celebratory table was obligatory attribute of the 1st of May.

On May, 9th - a Victory Day!

On May, 9th, 1945 Russian people have gained a great victory over the aggressor.

Here half a century a Victory Day already there is more serves as a strong, indissoluble thread between us, present generation, and generation of front-line soldiers, military workers, winners. The Victory Day is a proof of that Russians - special, surprisingly strong nation. And however many has passed years and how many the words full thanks and love, has not sounded, the young generation always will be in eternal to a debt to veterans.

In 2005 was 60 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The basic celebratory actions devoted to this date, have taken place 8 - on May, in Moscow. The capital of Russia has accepted tens foreign delegations from all continents led by heads of the states and the governments. In the Russian regions 9-og May marked the Victory 60 anniversary in the Great Patriotic War. Usually carried out on May 9, magnificent parade dedicated to the Victory Day. In the evening at ten o'clock start to give salute in honour of a Victory Day. People leave on streets and admire on beautiful fireworks.

Day of mother (Mum's day) in Russia

In Russia to mark «Day of mother» became rather recently. Though it is impossible to argue that this holiday - an eternity holiday: from generation to generation for each person mum - the most important person in a life. Becoming mother, the woman opens in itself better qualities: kindness, love and care. The new holiday - «Day of Mother» - gradually gets accustomed in Russia. Based by the President of the Russian Federation on January, 30th, 1998, it is celebrated last Sunday November, doing justice to parent work and their disinterested victim for the sake of the blessing of children. And it is correct: how many good, kind words it has been told to mums, how many occasions for this purpose have thought up, superfluous they will not be. Among the numerous holidays marked in our country, «Day of Mother» takes a special place. It is a holiday to which nobody can remain indifferent. This day it would be desirable to tell gratitude words to all Mothers who give to children love, good, tenderness and caress. Thanks you! And let to each of you tell warm words your favourite children more! Let on their persons the smile and joyful sparkles is shone sparkle in eyes, when you together! The Russian mothers were distinguished always by generosity of soul, fidelity, self-sacrifice, love and great patience. And today they carefully store the family centre, learn children to good, mutual understanding, morals. Day of mother answers the best traditions of the relation of Russians to motherhood unites all layers of the Russian society on ideas of good and honouring of the woman-mother.

Day of mother is a holiday youngish. It yet has no established traditions, in the family circle very few people marks it. But, we hope that in due course value of this day will increase, because no sense and the maintenance it is the most sacred holiday.


Fact File

1. New Year in Russia.

2. The Queen of Britain.

3. April Fool`s Day

4. Halloween

5. On February, 23rd Day of the defender of fatherland in Russia

Christmas Quiz

1. For Christmas dinner British families usually have




2. The 26th December is called

After Day

Boxing Day

Twelfth Night

3. Which of these would you NOT see on top of a British Christmas tree?

A star

A fairy

Santa Claus

4. A carol is

A pie traditionally eaten on Christmas day

A religious Christmas song

A Christmas party with dancing

5. Christmas Eve is

After 6 pm on 25th December

After 6 pm on 24th December

All day on 24th December

6. In Britain, Santa Claus enters houses

By climbing through the window

By coming down the chimney

Through the front door

7. Which is unlucky?

Leaving your decorations up after 6th January

Not kissing everyone in the house on Christmas Day

Forgetting to say »Christmas Christmas Christmas» when you wake up on 25th December

8. «Tinsel» is

A kind of cake

A type of decoration

The name of one of Santa`s reindeer

9. A traditional Christmas pudding is made

A week before Christmas

On Christmas morning

Up to 3 months before Christmas

10. Which days are official public holidays in Britain?

24th, 25th and 26th December

24th and 25th December

25th and 26th December

11. In the old Christmas Song, there are 12 days of Christmas. The first day of Christmas is

25th December

15th December

6th December

12. A «robin» is

A Christmas song for children

A Christmas letter to a friend

A bird with a red breast


I have chosen the topic «Comparison Russian and British holidays and traditions», because I wanted to know more about British and Russian traditions and customs. It is very useful to know it, because I enjoy learning the English language and its history. I would like to know much more information about the country: its history, its favourite writes and poets, about its education, about British meals and about some other things .It is always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life and to compare them. Working on this topic I have came to the conclusion that British people are very conservative. They are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. Russian people honour their traditions too. They celebrate every holiday widely and beautiful. So I think that Britain and Russia are widely celebrate their national holidays. Holidays in both countries are connected with religion; many of them are connected with history. The people in both countries preserve the traditions that were introduced centuries ago and the traditions that are rather new.


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