Research of polycomplexes’ membranes on the basis of sodiumcarboxymethylcellulose

Study of the reaction of polyelectrolytes. Research of the structure and membrane properties of sodium carboxymethylcellulose and urea-formaldehyde oligomer. Development of technology for manufacturing biocompatible polymeric materials for medicine.

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Pharmaceutical Institute of Tashkent city

UDC 678.278:541.68.63.

Research of polycomplexes' membranes on the basis of sodium-carboxymethylcellulose

Yusupova M.Sh., Inagamov S.Ya.

Uzbekistan, Tashkent city

Polycomplexes (PC) are the products of reaction of two poly-electrolytes, which find wide application as flocculants and reagents at solving the ecology tasks [1], to make the separating membranes [2], biocompatible polymeric materials for medical purposes, effective structure formation of disperse systems, in particular, grounds and soils and as the basis for soft pharmaceutical dosage forms in pharmacy [1,2].

Purpose of this work is research of the structure and membrane properties of PC, received in the way reaction of sodium-carboxymethylcellulose (Na-CMC) and urea-formaldehyde oligomer (UFO). PCs were received in a way of mixing two reacting components in appropriate proportions and at definite technological conditions. The poly-complex base, has been received, for soft pharmaceutical dosage forms in pharmacy and has рН= 6,0-7,6. One of the major properties of poly-complex base has been received by mean of Na-CMC and UFO is formation of thin membrane at application over the skin.

Therefore it makes interest, clarifying how it affects the exchange behavior, (gas exchange, warmth exchange, air exchange, moisture exchange of the skin ) at application onto the skin, of the bases, received by use of Na-CMC and UFO. Effect of membranes on the skin exchange properties may be defined by studying of sizes in it. For this purpose it was experimentally determined the degree of membranes swelling and permeability on water of polycomplex bases obtained with the help of Na-CMC and UFO.

Dependence of PC water swelling degree in water mediums from components proportion is presented in the Table. At equi-molar proportion of the reacting components of Na-CMC with UFO the samples have the lowest degree of swelling and permeability on water, and at excess of one of the components (Na-CMC or UFO) the swelling and permeability on water of membranes is increased. At equi-molar proportion of the components interaction between the macromolecules is highest, i.e., between the poly-complex components, the full fixation of Na-CMC with UFO goes on, stabilized both hydrogen and ion binds, which lead to formation of the maximal net density. In this case, it is observed the lowest degree of polycomplex membranes water swelling and permeability on water. Using the data of ultra-filtration and water swelling, the values of membranes pores size have been calculated, according to Ferry equation, which are presented in the Table.


Membrane properties of polycomplexes on the basis of Na-CMC and UFO

*- Polycomplexes' membranes pores diameter

polymeric membrane medicine oligomer

Results of experimental data show, that membranes' pores sizes D=350-400 Е), comparing to water molecules size (D=3 Е) and air molecules (O2, CO2; D=5 Е) are different in 90-100 times (Fig).

Figure. Comparison of the polycomplexes' membranes pores size with water and air molecules.

Observed experimental poly-complex membranes structure changes as far as the content of UFO in them increases, it is possible especially visually trace with the method of electronic microscopy and IR-spectroscopy.

Thus, with reacting components ratio change it is possible to regulate the structure, properties and pores' size of polycomplex membranes'.


1. Kabanov V.A., Zezin A.B. and others Poly-electrolytes in ecology problems resolution. //Chemistry progress - Moscow, 1991, V. 60 - №.2. - P. 595-606.

2. Kemenova V.A., Mustafin R.I., Alekseev K.V., Skorodinskaya A.M., Zezin A.B., TentsovaA.I., Kabanov V.A. //Inter-polymeric complexes application in pharmacy. - “Pharmacy”. - 1990. №.3, - P. 80-88.

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