• Zarna fortification were studied. Pottery samples which had been unearthed during archaeological excavation in the fortified temple complex concerned to Early Medieval period. The plan of fortified temple reflected in the peculiarities of built by relief.

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  • The hidden semantics, unstructured texts, zero sign. Interaction of different methods for generating a valid and relevant result. Verification of the effectiveness of this methodical apparatus by using it for any text formations with different purposes.

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  • A comprehensive understanding of Zheng Banqiao's art through the study of Zheng Banqiao's life, to explore the deep meaning behind Zheng Banqiao's art works, and to explore the economy, politics and society based on the background of the times.

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  • Kupfer–Schwefel, kupfer-Sauerstoff, kupfer-Zink (Messing), rupfer-Zinn (Bronze). Beim Umschmelzen der Katoden erhalt man entsprechend dem angewandten Umschmelzverfahren sauerstoffhaltiges. Die elektrische Leitfahigkeit, Festigkeit und Harte von Kupfer.

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  • Главная особенность использования сервиса Zoom крупными компаниями, для которых важно поддерживать связь между большим количеством сотрудников. Характеристика проведения разных конференций и вебинаров. Основные преимущества и недостатки программы.

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  • Дослідження особливостей використання формату дистанційного Zoom-навчання та його впливу на виснаження і втому публічних службовців в Україні у системі післядипломної освіти. Аналіз впливу емоційної, зорової, соціальної, мотиваційної та загальної втоми.

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  • The ethnocultural functioning specifics of phraseological units with zoomorphic components characterized by a high connotative potential and considered among key sources of the cultural and national heritage of the Chinese nation. Zoomorphic components.

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  • Significant attention is focused on modern encyclopedic projects, which cover the history of ZUNR and have become a kind of quintessence and business card of all previous scientific work on the subject of ZUNR. Researched the state policy of ZUNR.

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