• Journalism as a profession is gaining ground in these days, there is an explosion of information. A journalist must have original thinking in the face of events that take place from time to time. Journalism is a noble and challenging profession.

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  • Translation in the view of international communication. Methods for transferring the realities of the translation of journalistic texts. Characteristic features of journalistic English. The practice of the translation of newspaper and informational text.

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  • Сутність сучасного стану розвитку стеганографії. Класифікація стеганографічних алгоритмів для JPEG-формату, використання методу найменш значимого біту. Схема стеганографічної передачі даних, кодуючі перетворення контейнерів для приховування інформації.

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  • Сущность и понятие формата файла JPEG, его предназначение и условия и тип работы. Примеры работы данного формата файла с изображениями, его преимущества и недостатки. Алгоритм функционирования формата файла JPEG и составление матрицы квантования.

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  • Cross-border insolvency: definition, basic model. The concept of the insolvency institute and its features. Recognition and enforcement of the legal judgments on the cross-border insolvency cases in the world. The problem of the practice of application.

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  • Creating a judicial system during the struggle for the independence of Ukraine. Description of legislative activity, in relation to the formation of courts of law, during the time of the Ukrainian People's Republic, the hetman and the Directory.

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  • A firm grasp of the concept of justice. Study of the development of moral ideas and of the differences between them is more sound than the analysis of the fundamental moral concepts upon which it must depend. Conception of the ranking of principles.

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  • Analises the issue of juvenile delinquency through the historical prism. Сonsiders views of scholars on this issue, existing problems within the framework of youth crime, and makes proposals aimed at increasing effectiveness of solving this issue.

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