• Analysis, synthesis and properties of six isomeric heterocyclic systems containing two fused rings of pyridine with different relative positions of the atoms of nitrogen - naphthyridines. Physicochemical properties and reactivity of naphthyridines.

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  • Purines fused with five-membered heterocycles: pyrrolo-, oxazolo-, thiazolo-, imidazo-, pyrazolo-, triazolo- and tetrazolo-purines. Purines annulated with five-membered rings. Compounds with a greater selective efficacy without the unwanted side-effects.

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  • Purines Fused to Six-Membered Heterocycles. Pyrido-, pyridazino-, pyrimido-, pyrazino-, oxazino-, thiazino-, triazino-purines. Purines Fused to Seven- and Eight-Membered Heterocycles. Oxdiazocino- and Thiadiazocino-Purines Efforts to obtain compounds.

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  • Utilization of polymers as biomaterials has impacted the advancement of modern medicine. Polymeric biomaterials that are biodegradable provide the significant advantage of being able to be broken down and removed after they have served their function.

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  • Study vapor dynamics and growth of crystals in the solution of the two components chemically neutral - water and sucrose. The conditions under which crystals can be transformed into a solution. Conservation equations for interfacial interactions.

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  • The pattern of pulse flows of cortical neurons is a complicated phenomenon. Apart from properties of single neurons, action of a system of neuronal circuits reflected in organisation of spike bursts. Characteristics of burst activity before irradiation.

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  • Експериментальне дослідження та чисельне моделювання впливу температури на складні режими в автоколивальній хімічній реакції Бєлоусова–Жаботинського, що каталізується іонами церію, в проточному реакторі постійного перемішування. Зміна швидкостей реакцій.

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  • Введение ацильной группы RCO в молекулу органического соединения путем замещения атома водорода. Получение кетонов, сложных эфиров и амидов в современном органическом синтезе. Схемы реакций Фриделя-Крафтса, этерификации и взаимодействия аммиака с ацилом.

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  • There are notable characteristics, occurrence, applications (compounds, H and K lines), history, compounds, isotopes, nutrition (dietary calcium supplements, prevention of fractures due to osteoporosis, possible cancer prevention, overdose) about calcium.

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  • The combination of a macrocyclic platform and alfa-hydroxymethylphosphonate group for the inhibition activities of compounds. Computer-simulated docking studies using AutoDock 4.2 programme by the example of PTP1B. Stereoisomeric forms of the inhibitors.

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  • Mechanistic aspects of the Diels-Alder reaction. The effect of micelles on it. The effects of Lewis acids on the endo-exo selectivity in water compared to the effects in organic solvents. Enantioselective cid catalysis of an organic reaction in water.

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  • Properties, combustion, electron energy levels. Elemental molecular forms. Covalent, organic compounds. Hydrides, protons, acids, isotopes. Discovery and use. Role in quantum theory. Natural occurrence, production: laboratory, industrial, thermochemical.

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  • Magnesium as a chemical element and a silvery-white, light-weight metal. Notable characteristics, applications. As the metal. Incendiary use, in magnesium compounds. History, sources, ores, sea water, electrolysis. Biological role, isotopes, precautions.

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  • History of the free element. Isotopes, properties: physical, chemical. Potassium cations in the body. Biochemical function, membrane polarization. Filtration, excretion, potassium in the diet and by supplement. Applications: biological, food, industrial.

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  • Rubidium as a chemical element and a soft, silvery-white metallic element of the alkali metal group. Characteristics, history, occurrence rubidium. Isotopes, uses and applications. Compounds, rubidium chloride. Precautions and biological effects.

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  • Characteristics: chemical properties, compounds, spectroscopy, isotopes. History, commercial production. Applications, biological role: maintaining body fluid volume in animals, maintaining electric potential in animal tissues. Dietary uses, precautions.

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  • The study of the composition and the structure of the original and modified lignocellulosic materials. Analysis of the dependence of sorption properties of lignocellulosic composites in relation to heavy metals from changes in the functional composition.

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  • The occurrence of compensation effect on massive and supported oxide catalysts of CO oxidation is shown. The explanation of compensation effect is offered based on the data on the surface state of the catalysts that are obtained means desorption method.

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  • Features complexation of adsorption of calixarene hydroxymethylphosphonic acid on the hypersil CN surface. Implementation the molecular modelling of calixarene hydroxymethylphosphonic acid and its complexes with tryptophan and N-acetyltryptophan amide.

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  • Studies on interactions of nanomaterials with components of biosystems, development of new medicines based on magnetite, their application efficiency, chemical engineering of multilevel magnetosensitive nanocomposites with a hierarchical architecture.

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