• Description of the financial system in Turkey, meeting with the most famous non-bank financial institutions. Consideration of the basic forms of life insurance. Features of the three types of financial companies in Turkey: sales, consumers, and business.

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  • The concept of financial market. The securities market, the types of securities. Role of managers in the financial markets. Structure of the banking sector. Indicators of the adequacy of equity capital. The role of the banking sector in the economy.

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  • The financial structure, development and sustainability. The width of the financial system. Capital account liberalization. Legal, informational and transactional technological infrastructure for access and development. Terms securities settlement.

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  • Bank loans as the main financial instruments of the enterprise. Control market danger exposures within acceptable parameters, while optimising returns - one of the objective of risk management. Profitability analysis of United Company "RUSAL" PLC.

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  • This study examines the development trends in SME and entrepreneurs financing in Serbia at the beginning of the XXI century. The focus is on the creation of a model for sustainable investing in the SME sector and to promote economic growth and employment.

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  • Gliederung der Finanzierungsquellen. Ruckflussfinanzierung und Uberschussfinanzierung. Die Selbstfinanzierung und die Ruckflussfinanzierung (Finanzierung ohne Veranderung des Kapitalfonds). Die Uberschussfinanzierung und die Einlagenfinanzierung.

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  • Networks with memory. Internal representation of time. Structure in letter sequences. Discovering the notion "word". Discovering lexical classes from word order. Types, tokens, and structured representations. Training sequences for sentence simulation.

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  • Evaluation of the permanence of ECG signals collected at the fingers in relation to biometric authentication. ECG "off-the-person" appears to be a viable trait for multi-biometric or standalone biometrics, low user throughput, real-world scenarios.

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  • Analysis of finite element methods, numerical methods for solving engineering and mathematical physics. Obtaining analytical solutions for problems of complex geometry, loads and material properties. Tension rods, beams and other simple structures.

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  • A method of data processing – a structural functions curvature analysis method. Applied to the time series of seismodeformation monitoring of Baikal rift zone. Ideas of physics of self-organized criticality and open non-equilibrium systems in general.

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  • Флэш-память как особый вид энергонезависимой перезаписываемой полупроводниковой памяти, ее основные свойства. История создания нового типа запоминающих устройств. Ячейки флэш-памяти, общий принцип их функционирования. Основные форматы флэш-устройств.

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  • The persistence of learning over time via the storage and retrieval of information. Memory as Information Processing. The retention of encoded information over time. Unconscious encoding of incidental information. Serial Position Effect. Mental pictures.

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  • Macromedia Flash как средство создания анимированных проектов на основе векторной графики с встроенной поддержкой интерактивности. Преимущества использования технологии в качестве Web стандарта. Ее возможности, принцип действия и способы применения.

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  • Unique natural world of New Zealand under the influence long-term historical isolation from other continents. Depicting tuckahoe on a coin in one New Zealand dollar. Reptiles in New Zealand. Tsiateya silver as one of the common national symbols.

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  • Introduction to flow control. Multi-phase flow with emphasis on slug flow. Stabilization of flow in Oil/Gas wells and pipelines. Trends and Facts in Oil and Gas Production. Callenges for Deep Water Developments. Slug reduction/elimination techniques.

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  • Applications heterocyclic compounds; approaches to synthesis. Familiarization with effective conversion of organic compounds into valuable fluorinated products. The use of fluorinated triazoles for the protection of metals and alloys from corrosion.

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  • Study the effects of man-made nano-additive on basic physical and mechanical properties of foamed glass. Use tare and flat glass as the main raw material. Investigation the effect of nano-additive on structural features of the resulting foam glass.

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  • Presented PDE-method for solution of the Fokker-Planck Equation is proposed to study the beam dynamic in the storage ring. This method has been implemented in the new OPLEQ code. The results of numerical calculations obtained by this code are presented.

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  • Uzbek cuisine and features its main dishes. Culture prepare national dishes of Uzbek cuisine and their main ingredients. Technology of preparation of kabob, plov, manti, chuchvara, shurpa and naryn. Differences Uzbek cuisine from Asian cuisine.

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  • Geographic setting and environment of Ireland. The history of food customs of this country. Traditional Irish Stew, Soda Bread, Corned Beef with Cabbage. Food for religious and holiday celebrations. Mealtime customs. Politics, economics and nutrition.

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