• The determination of species composition parasitosis of pigs in farms of Poltava region and the efficiency of flotation methods of diagnosis. Pathogens helminths (askarosis, ezophagostomosis, tryhurosis) and protozooses (eymerioses, balantydiosis).

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  • A number of scientific examples drawing on principles of classical physics, quantum physics, probability theory, and economics. Einstein’s ecumenical concepts of the nature of religion and its social expressions, as evidenced in his correspondence.

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  • The description of the Election Law in the United States of America. Voting Eligibility. Voter registration. Absentee voting. Mail ballots. Early voting. Levels of election. Federal and Presidential elections. Congressional, State and Local elections.

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  • The energy-momentum distribution and the mechanical forces of the electromagnetic field in material media. The discussion of the energy-momentum tensor in macroscopic electrodynamics. The Maxwell stress tensor. Electromagnetic force in James’ experiment.

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  • Maxwell’s equations and the equations governing charged particle dynamics. The relevant entities in these equations. Ambiguities in the definitions of the electromagnetic fields. A related term in the energy equation. Geodesics and Lorentz force.

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  • Identification of asymptotic dependence of the impedances on frequency for very low frequencies and for very high frequencies, and explanation of this dependence physically. The proof of that a studied network works in a sinusoidal steady condition.

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  • Характеристика программного продукта Electronics Workbench - средства моделирования, тестирования и отладки электрических цепей. Интерфейс программы и его компоненты. Функциональное назначение меню Circut. Размещение элементов схемы в рабочем поле экрана.

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  • Effect of polymerization copolymers on selenophenes and thiophenes. Analysis of electrosynthesis of selenofen-thiophene copolymers at a constant electrode potential. Stability of oxidation-reduction activity in electrolyte solution based on acetonitrile.

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  • Outline of Nervous Systems. Organisation of Synapses, Neurons in the Brain. The Conformation of Informational Macromolecules. Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary structure. Molecular Chaperones. Nucleic Acids. Antisense and triplex oligonucleotides.

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  • Affine plane curves. A brief introduction to the p-adic numbers. Regular functions on projective curves. Plane projective cubic curves with a rational inflection point. Reduction of an elliptic curve. Cohomology of finite, infinite Galois groups.

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  • Robots and controllers: interfaces, operating system. Binary, analog, position sensor. Kinematics, driving program. Balancing robots: simulation, double inverted pendulum. Micro mouse contest. Maze exploration algorithms. Real-time image processing.

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  • Analysis the history of creation and development of antiaircraft artillery during the World War I. Study circumstances of the emergence of new equipment. The use of aviation for military purposes. Creation of air defense and antiaircraft artillery.

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  • Rationale and the main reasons for the rise of anxiety disorders, and epileptic phenomena in Ukraine. Investigation of the clinical course of using patopsihologicheskih methods. Analysis of the level of personal anxiety, neuroticism and depression.

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  • Исследование продаваемого пространства, с целью создания положительного бренда территории. Проблема освоения городского пространства в России. Съемка документального фильма об освоении города в игре "Encounter". Российская специфика интерактивных игр.

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  • Big panda is a mammal of family bear with original black-and-white coloring of the wool, possessing some signs of raccoons. Appearance bamboo bear. Taxonomy classification of pandas. The big panda as a symbol of the World fund of the wild nature (WWF).

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  • Functions of the endoplasmic reticulum, consists of an extensive network of tubes and pockets, surrounded by membrane. Spherical or slightly ellipsoidal shape of ribosomes, their location in eukaryotic cells on the membranes of the endoplasmic reticulum.

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  • Examination of the results of endovascular devascularization tumors to develop new approaches to the treatment of hypervascular neoplasms in neurooncology. Estimation of the volume of bleeding during removal of tumors sirgical after devascularization.

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  • Basic renewable and unrenewable energy sources. Use of fossil fuel. A sun and disintegration of radio-active elements into earth. Disintegration of microscopic forms of life. Principal reasons of global rise in temperature. Use of nuclear fuel.

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  • The experience of emulsion explosives. Changes in IEE detonation velocity with respect to the degree of ammonium nitrate replacement with calcium nitrate (2) and sodium nitrate (3) compared to the IEE on the basis of ammonium nitrate monosolution (1).

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  • Learn about types of energy used by the people: energy: renewable, non-renewable. Familiarity with the functions of windmills. Characteristics of promising energy sources: wind, direct solar, biomass. Analysis of the characteristics of phytoplankton.

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