• "Активная" ссылка на другой документ. Служба Интернет для обмена информацией в виде гипертекста (и гипермедиа). Программа для просмотра Web-страниц на экране. Простейшая Web-страница. Стили оформления текста, специальные символы, маркированные списки.

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  • Системы дистанционного обучения в интернет. Основные возможности системы онлайнового обучения. Основные способы представления информации. Типовая структура системы онлайнового обучения. Основные формы дистанционного обучения посредством интернет.

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  • Влияние глобальной компьютерной сети Internet на современный мир. Создание и разработка сайтов. Классификация web-технологий. Средства разработки Web-приложений. Язык программирования JavaScript. Сравнительный анализ сред создания Web-приложений.

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  • Основные Web-технологии стандарта W3C. Теоретические аспекты программирования на языке HTML и его отличия от XHTML, особенности Dynamic HTML. Программные продукты для разработки HTML-страниц. Язык PHP и средства его разработки, технологии ASP и ASP.NET.

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  • Основные понятия и особенности технологий создания интерактивных WEB-страниц. Методика размещения собственных страниц в интернете и их обслуживание. Понятие, характеристика и общие принципы работы интернета. Редактирование и обновление WEB-страниц.

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  • The form of conservative Weber-like forces. Weber-like forces and gravitational observations. The principle of energy conservation. Any Weber-like conservative force must have a relationship between the two parameters. Perihelion precession of Mercury.

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  • Обмен сообщениями между браузером и веб-сервером в режиме реального времени. История открытия канала WebSocket. Ответ сервера, подтверждающий переход на WebSocket. Защита от поддельных запросов. Функция обратного вызова при установлении соединения.

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  • Обзор Web-технологий, основные модели организаций сайта: линейная, решетка, иерархия, модель паутины. Основы разметки HTML. Объекты клиента, браузера, history, frame и др. Функция соединения с сервером баз данных, функция обработки результатов запроса.

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  • Shannon’s entropy and Weighted entropy. Weighted entropy and it’s applications. Ranking chemicals in quantitative High Throughput Screening. The studies of weighted entropy. Weighted entropy in Bayesian problem, as a measure of an investment risk.

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  • The District of Kanash is a part of the Chuvash Republic. We invite you to our District of Kanash! In any season you can enjoy beautiful and fascinating landscapes here. You can visit different museums, meet many interesting people. About sources Kanash.

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  • Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey. River Thames. The Queen of Great Britain. The Houses of Parliament is The most famous building in the world. Imperial State Crown. Madame Tussauds Waxmuseum. Big Ben is the symbol of London.

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  • Ancient Greece and Olympics marathon. Differences Paralympics from other games. The winners of the Beijing Olympic Games. Football, tennis, swimming’s international game are international game. The extreme sports. Discipline of equestrian, gymnastics.

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  • The international code developed under procedures accredited as meeting the criteria for American National Standards. ASME is the trademark of the American society of mechanical engineers. The code provides an opportunity for public input from industry.

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  • Wales is the only Celtic nation with a completely unbroken tradition of harp music, where the music, technique, and style have been passed down orally from harper to harper over the centuries. Research of distinctive features of a folk music in Wales.

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  • War of 1812 as the American gap with England. Extension of slavery. Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine. Factionalism and political parties. Nullification crisis, the bank fight. Whigs, Democrats, Know-Nothings. Stirrings of reform and women’s rights.

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  • The language of the previous centuries. The wealth of English language, ambiguity of its vocabulary and the most common rules of slang usage in Britain. Analysis of the different points of view on slang, its history and the types and language features.

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  • Phraseology is a branch of linguistics which deals with all kinds of formulaic language and phrasal collocations. Paremiology deals with collecting and classifying proverbs and tracing the origin of proverbs. Some definitions and usage of proverbs.

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  • The concept of tolerance as respect and tolerance for religion, age, sex, opinion and ideology of other people and groups. Assessment of the role and importance of quality in today's society, the need for its development in itself. Stages of the process.

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  • Concept and general characteristics of energy, as well as the main parameters used for evaluation. Analysis of the need to find new sources of energy to meet the growing needs of mankind. Alternative means to obtain it, the prospects for development.

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  • Franchising - arrangement where one party grants another party the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to specifications. Its regulation and significance.

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