• Summary of residual current devices. Its main purpose, operation and placement. Purpose of National Electrical Code. The process of RCDs. The process of replacing the two-wire (ungrounded) output. Photo of the internal mechanism of the residual current.

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  • Processes of ordering and delivery of the ingredients to the warehouse and the costumers. Overview of the ERP system’s logistic unit. Management system for solving a variety of transport logistics problems. Application solution "1С: Enterprise 8".

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  • DAMA/LIBRA is running at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the I.N.F.N. The data collected confirm the model independent evidence of the presence of Dark Matter (DM) particles in the galactic halo on the basis of the DM annual modulation signature.

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  • The reducing of regional disparities, the formation of sectoral perspectives for economic and social development of the regions, financial support to the states by means of block grants and stimulating the development of integration trends in USA.

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  • The outcomes of Taiwan and China's long-term pursuit of current account surpluses. The internationalization of China's currency, enhance the quality of life. Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act 2010 and the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act 2011.

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  • The graphene basic properties is given. The possible role of intrinsic and deliberately induced structural defects in electronic and chemical properties of graphene substrates. Optimized geometric structures for the Stone-Wales defect functionalized.

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  • Using Duraton-Overman test to study detailed location patterns of the forestry and agricultural industry in Russia. Data analysis package. The first article on geocoding. Methods for measuring localization. Distance-based localization measurement.

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  • The use of high-frequency-magnetron sputtering, reactive solid-phase target in argon atmosphere to obtain silicon carbide and a film of silicon nitride. Using the obtained samples to create solar cells on substrates of monocrystalline silicon of p-type.

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  • Работа бесконтактных смарт-карт, регламентируемая стандартом ISO 14443. Классификация и разновидности используемых меток, особенности их применения и функционал. Устройство Смарт-карты, принцип ее работы, области применения. Структура карт Mifare.

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  • Система радиочастотной идентификации, ее структура, типы и отличительные особенности. Высокочастотные системы и сферы их практического применения. Системы, работающие в СВЧ диапазоне, требования к ним. Технологии производства меток или транспондеров.

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  • Метод автоматической идентификации объектов с использование радиосигналов при считывании и записи данных. Классификация RFID-меток. Принцип работы RFID-системы, ее схематичное устройство. Преимущества и недостатки технологии по сравнению со штрих-кодами.

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  • Hilbert scheme of points and induction scheme. Cellular decompositions for various nested Hilbert schemes of points. Hodge classes on self-products of K3 surfaces. On the cotangent sheaf of Quot-schemes. Algebraic families on an algebraic surface.

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  • Современное состояние RISC-архитектуры, причины ее меньшинства на рынке компьютерных комплектующих. Предпосылки популярности систем на базе архитектуры Sun Microsystems. Анализ возможностей Solaris 10, пути обеспечения бесперебойной работы приложений.

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  • Микропроцессоры с архитектурой RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computers). Наиболее известные RISC-микропроцессоры. Начало развития архитектуры "RISC". Повышение тактовой частоты. Программа, ограниченная лишь восемью регистрами для каждой процедуры.

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  • Most effective way to cope with the rise of manufactured risk is to limit responsibility by adopting the "precautionary principle". Variations on the precautionary principle can nevertheless be a significant way of the reintroducing responsibility.

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  • Risk factors for acinetobacter baumannii bloodstream infection in patients with severe thermal injury in a burn intensive care unit where A baumannii was endemic. The need for effective infection control measures for this emerging nosocomial problem.

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  • Characteristic manifestations of systemic risk in the banking sector, including its impact on activities of systemically important banks. The list of systemically important banks in Ukraine in several ways. Proposals to reduce systemic risk in the Bank.

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  • Evaluation of the specificity of regional development risks. Determination of the negative effects of these risks. Features of social and economic development of regions. Review ways to improve the risk management system of regional development.

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  • The essence of the concept of inflation targeting. Identification and analysis of potential risks the implementation of inflation targeting in Ukraine, their background and ways of overcoming. The use of foreign experience of inflation targeting.

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  • The main components of water resources of Kyrgyzstan are the rivers, lakes, glaciers, groundwater, mineral springs. In general, the country has more than 2,000 rivers with a length of 10 km and above, the total is their length is almost 35 thousand km.

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