• Role of religion in modern and democratic societies, for the individual and for society as a whole. Influences of religion on governmental, business and family values and decisions in United Kingdom. Christianity and non-christian religions in Britain.

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  • The purpose of motivation the study. Two vies of mathematics (the utilitarian and the aesthetic). The received view of the history of mathematics and its relevance. The differences between philosophy and history, mathematics and the empirical sciences.

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  • A location development of mathematics is in a theory and history of philosophy. Dogmatic analysis of basic categories of mathematics, engendered in philosophy. Research of development of mathematical methods of cognition in general history of philosophy.

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  • Разработка в Renault проекта современного автомобиля, надежного и прочного, с проектной стартовой ценой 5 тыс.евро. Logan как современный автомобиль, доступный для широкого круга клиентов во всем мире. Преимущества цифрового проектирования и вместимость.

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  • Маркировки идентификации группы доступа. Статус исследования LED функции. Механическая обработка деталей для типичной установки. Инструмент установки NC4. Монтаж воздушного комплекта. Подача электроэнергии на интерфейс. Регулировка раздельной системы.

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  • The renormalization-group analysis of turbulence, based on KG Wilson’s coarse-graining procedure, leads to suggestive results for turbulence coefficients and models. The RG method, a calculation procedure successfully employed in many areas of physics.

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  • Аналіз профілів дванадцяти ізольованих та десяти типових штамів бактерій родів Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas та Pectobacterium, патогенних для ріпаку. Вивчення генотипових властивостей мікроорганізмів. Значення ріпаку для народного господарства в Україні.

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  • Present an intentional replantation with rotation and extrusion of oot-fractured tooth with loss of the alveolar bone and periodontal ligament along the fracture line. X-ray reading strengthen alveolar bone. Technique of improving periodontal pockets.

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  • The historical development of conversion in English. Reasons for high productivity of conversion in modern English. Relations within a conversion pair. Substantivation and other cases of transposition. Conversion and sound (stress-) interchange.

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  • Awareness of the current state of development of the English vocabulary. Study of structural and semantic peculiarities of new vocabulary. Conditions for borrowing of foreign words. Examining the key stages in the formation of a language community.

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  • Studying history of the industrial group Samsung, one of the monsters of the modern economy, which began the colonization of the Korean. Industries that characterize the work of Samsung including a huge selection of products: from toasters to aircraft.

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  • Analysis of simple principal component as a tool for dimension reduction can fail badly. Local approximations of principal component as among the most promising. Localized versions of component and principal curves and local partitioning algorithms.

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  • Characteristics of health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Description of problem of early pregnancy on young mothers' health. Recommendations for age birth of first child.

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  • Explains the main reasons why the American government is involved in the issue of reproduction. It mentions various laws passed with the aim of regulation of women's reproductive rights. Moreover, it discusses the major reasons why women do abortion.

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  • Reptiles - tetrapods and amniotes: a review of the species distribution, the modern classification; economic, aesthetic, symbolic and ecological value for human; functions herpetologist. The evolution of reptiles, physiological systems of their life.

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  • Relationship of concepts of "culture" and "education". Cultural approach as a conceptual basis for modernization of educational content. The identity of education and culture as reflection in the model of humanitarian, cultural and educational system.

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  • The methods of image segmentation, a process of division of an image into different segments which contain pixels of similar color, are considered. Graph-based segmentation algorithm, which is based on Kruskal’s algorithm is implemented in C++ language.

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  • Familiarization with layout of placement of guard signaling complex systems. Research technology of modeling discrete continuous stochastic systems. Characteristics of the main methods ensuring probability of successful fulfilment of seismic sensor.

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  • Theoretical aspects of management decision-making and especially in innovation. The main types, models, and styles of solution production in the field of nnovation. Characteristics of international experience and the ability to use it in practice.

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  • A mechanism is offered for the determination of advantages for region concerning the production of certain types of agricultural products. The level of food security of the country, balancing the levels of economic and social development of rural areas.

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