• The history of economy of the USA in the XX century. Reconstruction through the Roaring Twenties. Great Depression through World War II (1929-1945). Social life of America in the XX century. Women gain the right to vote and racial discrimination.

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  • Introduction, theoretical part “Slang”. More about slang. Linguistic processes forming slang. Position in the language. Practical part, Do the best you can, do your research. Dictionary of youth slang during 1960-70’s. Dictionary of modern British slang.

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  • Cinema as a necessary and important part of peoples lives. New York as a movie theater capital of the country. The earliest history of films and movie theatres. The growth of the film industry, major film genres. Film Companies, Directors and Producers.

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  • Characteristics of Democracy: Majority rue, Everyone equal under the law, Elected representatives carry out the people’s will, Freedom, Rights of the individual protected, Govt. for the people. Constitution as the fundamental work for the government.

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  • Information from the history of the formation of the U.S. economy, the beginning of land development. Basic principles of the U.S. economy. The structure of the U.S. financial system. Features of the development of industry and agriculture in the USA.

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  • Education as a necessary part of civil debt in America. Values education institutions in the country. The american press as a symbol of democratic government: distribution and content. The american approach to the industry and the nature of the Wild West.

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  • History of the term and its definitions. Summary of inceptional, missional and national exceptionalism. Traditionalist summary and foreign policy implications. The troubling, healthy and neutral erosion of exceptionalism. Foreign policy implications.

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  • The New World - about a thousand years ago, the Vikings lived in Northern Europe. Expedition of Christopher Columbus. The Pilgrims – people, who search the religious freedom. The American Revolution and Gold Rush. United States foreign policy since 1945.

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  • Analysis "Making it all right" of King. The main styles of the works of Wilson. The short story "the Teacher" Anderson, their lexical characteristics. "Arrangement in black and white", written by D. Parker. "And вit to sing and dance" written by S. Hill.

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  • Historical information about the occurrence of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford American universities, their coats of arms, name history, training in the humanities sciences. Features of the location, attractions and a list of known graduates.

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  • Financial institutions are vulnerable to investigation, prosecution and litigation from every direction. The next crisis. Sponging boomers. The economic legacy left by the baby-boomers is leading to a battle between the generations. Mexican banks.

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  • Amir Timur (Tamerlane) wellknown as a 14th-century conqueror of West, South and Central Asia, and the founder of the Timurid dynasty (1370 – 1405) in Central Asia. Tamerlan's rise to power: Battle of the Kondurcha River, Indian campaign, Ottoman Empire.

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  • Consideration ethnohistory, oral traditions of African peoples, belief systems. The History of the African States. Continuity in prehistoric and historic cultures. Analysis of archaeological materials. Western myth of technology inferiority in Africa.

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  • The Needham-Schroeder public-key authentication protocol. An attack on the protocol and the consequences of this attack. Proving that the revised protocol is safe against all attacks which not dependent upon properties of the encryption method used.

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  • Nicolas Claude de Peirsc, the early period. A set of corresponding observations. The tables of Peiresc. Role of the episode of Jupiter’s satellites in the period of Peiresc’s intensive observation. Allegory of the Medici Stars. The first lunar atlas.

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  • The role of the teacher in Ancient India. Features of "Guru" in ancient times. Characteristics of the ideal teacher and the availability of education to all segments of the population. Traits of an ideal teacher, especially his interaction with people.

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  • Understanding of the composition: the distinction between creation as a product and as a process, between the aesthetic point of view of the author and observer, between instrumental and end values. Unlike psychology, the psychology of creation to see.

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  • 4-dimensional (4D) aether formed by a fluid of preons in continual motion in a 4D-space, where the time dimension is as a spatial dimensions. A specializing the equation of motion to an inviscid constant density region of 4D moving and excess energy.

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  • Organizational efforts to constrain ex post transaction costs in interorganization a exchange. The model frames opportunism as a determinant of transaction costs and implicates cooperation and formalization as control structures that opportunism.

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  • Learning the Budgetary Code of Ukraine. Providing the stowage of projects of estimates on the centralized measures which are carried out directly by managers. Description the types of estimates: individual, the erected and on the centralized measures.

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