• Analyze the accounting process technology as an integrated system of information support for decisionmaking within administrative business process. The functional structure of the accounting process technology based on the elementary management functions.

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  • The traditional balance sheet and income statement. The enterprise theory of the firm. The responsibilities of management, accounting theory. The value added concept of income measurement. Advantages of the "Value Adde" concept of income accounting.

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  • The appearance of acid rain as a result of mixing nitrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction of compounds of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Effect of acid rain on the environment and people. Causes of acid precipitation.

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  • Quality training of tax officers - part of personnel policy. Culture and ethics of communication with employees taxpayers. The moral demands of society to tax police employees. Actions of a conversation with the taxpayer in cases of insults, threats.

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  • Характеристика и ключевые черты объектно-ориентированного программирования, его история и сущность инкапсуляции, наследования и полиморфизма. Процесс создания приложений с помощью языка ActionScript, особенности применения новой версии ActionScript 3.0.

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  • Description of main activities CAE Partner GmbH аn Enterprise of the MSC Group, foundation of the company and development of its in Europe. Software-products, services and the scope of production activities, which use technology developed by the company.

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  • The fundamental reason of monopoly - barriers to access. The requirement and curves of the extreme income for monopoly. Antimonopoly laws - the collection of charters aimed at restriction with monopolistically image the power and fight against it.

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  • Conditions of success in implementing changes in the organization. Reasons for resistance to changes in domestic enterprises and methods. The method of "Alps" principles Paretto and Eisenhower. The possibility of involvement in decision-making in Ukraine.

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  • Acquaintance with the etiology lymphadenitis - an inflammation of the lymph node. Definition and characteristics of the main forms of treatment of purulent lymphadenitis - surgical. Examination and analysis of the symptoms of the investigated disease.

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  • Adam Smith - towering figure in the history of economic thought. The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Travels on the Continent. The theory of historical evolution in the Wealth of Nations. Society and "the invisible hand". Smith’s analysis of the market.

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  • Development and formation of indirect taxation in Ukraine as a whole and widespread form among universal excises. The role of indirect taxes in the tax system, direction of adaptation of domestic practice of indirect taxation to the European experience.

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  • Автоматизация черчения и оформление конструкторской документации. Развитие компьютерного моделирования, потребности перехода к объёмному моделированию. Назначение и применение интегрированной системы ADEM, этапы конструирования и моделирования в ней.

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  • Автоматизация черчения и оформления конструкторской документации. Объемное моделирование. Требования к единому 2D/3D-пространству. Единое конструкторско-технологическое пространство в инженерной программе ADEM. Конструирование и моделирование в ADEM.

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  • The general definition of an adjective as parts of speech and its research both with theoretical, and from the practical point of view. Definition of use of an adjective, its syntactic functions, positions in the offer, and grammatical specific features.

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  • The definition of term "adjective" and the characteristic of adjectives from grammatical point of view. The role of adjectives in English language. The ways of translation of english adjectives into russian. Reflecting modern trends in linguistics.

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  • Характеристика базовых возможностей программы Adobe InDesign CS3, изучение ее графического интерфейса и назначения основных управляющих элементов. Создание векторных иллюстраций для публикаций. Упражнения по работе с текстом, графикой и изображениями.

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  • Возможности Adobe Photoshop: описание доступных палитр, правила сканирования, импорта и экспорта изображений. Основные функции и действия в программе: выделение областей, использование контуров, рисование и редактирование, выбор цветов, каналы и маски.

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  • Рассмотрение характеристик растрового изображения, программных средств реализации растровой графики. Описание способов передачи цвета пикселей. Изучение сферы применения, возможностей, инструментов Adobe Photoshop. Приведение примеров монтажа изображений.

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  • История Adobe Photoshop. Различия между Adobe Photoshop и Corel Draw. Анализ интерфейса программы и особенности изображений в программе Adobe Photoshop. Работа с текстом, каналами, фильтрами и цветом. Охрана труда при работе с электрооборудованием.

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  • Modernism as a multifaceted phenomenon. The opposition between modernist procedures and inclusive postmodernist practices. A separation of technical and aesthetic needs. Modernization ability to turn difference into equivalence, to make objects fungible.

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