Foundations of Combinatorics with Applications

Monotonic Functions and Unordered Lists. The Pigeonhole Principle. Basic Concepts of Decision Trees. The Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion. Counting Structures with Symmetries. Concepts in Graph Theory. Equivalence Relations and Unlabeled Graphs.

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  • Construction of the general algorithm for integration of the linear usual distinctive equation. Creation of the common decision of the differential equation. An example of the decision of linear systems. Definition of components of certain functions.

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  • Review of concepts, forms and different ways of representing the methods of mathematical induction, characterization of its ideas and principles. Features of a multimedia learning object students and teachers on the example of the University of Latvia.

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  • The great encyclopedic of the Middle Ages Abu Raihon Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Beruniy, who had been famous with the pseudonym "Ptolemy". Measuring the Distance on the Ground and the Height of a Mountain. The Distances between the Celestial Bodies.

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  • Компьютерная программа, реализующая полиномиальную аппроксимацию подынтегральной функции для вычисления точного значения интеграла. Язык программирования Visual Basic. Описание средств программного интерфейса. Интерактивная форма для ввода данных.

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  • Двойственные задачи в линейном программировании. Симметричные и несимметричные двойственные задачи. Связь исходной и двойственной задач. Анализ моделируемой ситуации (моделируемого объекта). Реализация двойственности на Visual Basic for Application.

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  • Общая характеристика и особенности двух методов решения обычных дифференциальных уравнений – Эйлера первого порядка точности и Рунге-Кутта четвёртого порядка точности. Листинг программы для решения обычного дифференциального уравнения в Visual Basic.

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  • There are valid concepts in TE. Some new concepts of NE are not flawless. The new perspectives enrich our contemplative abilities and knowledge. The fully (for all times) satisfactory definitions or foundations are not likely to be proposed.

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  • Theoretical Aspects of Conversational Principles: рhilosophical background, сooperative principle by H.P. Grice, сonversation implicatures. Applied Aspects of Conversational Analysis. Following, fаlouting the cooperative principle. Maxims of conversation.

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  • Comparing instructed and natural settings for language learning. Natural and instructional settings. Five principles for classroom teaching. The principle getting right from the beginning. The principle of saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

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  • Business as a combination of types of activities: production, distribution and sale, obtaining economic profit. Basic types and functions of banks. The principle of equilibrium prices and financial management. The use of accounting in the organization.

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