Сomparative analysis of cross-cultural awareness and foreign economic relations of Great Britain and the Netherlands

Assessment and analysis of the degree of the UK integration in the global space. Comparison of selected countries on key indicators of the level of international integration. Impact of cross-cultural characteristics of countries to the management style.

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3.3 Comparison companies (measurement parameters)



Phillips (Netherlands)


$41,1 billion

€ 25,42 billion

operation profit

$19,73 billion

€ 2,065 billion

net profit

$11,81 billion

€ 1,446 billion

number of employees

85700 billion

114 500 billion

localization of production




foreign investments reached 65% of domestic

foreign investments reached 70% of domestic

Compare countries on these indicators, we concluded that both companies have a strong position in the international arena. In addition, both companies have high rates of production localization.

3.4 Level of presence BP plc and Phillips in Russia

1) BP plc

Analysis of the balance of interests of BP and Russia

BP interests

Governament interests

Common interests

Advantages of owning

Access to profitable oil and gas fields

Increasing of scale of production activities

Improving of sustainability of the business due to geographical diversification

access to modern exploration and production technologies

foreign investments attraction

development of capacities for processing of hydrocarbon raw materials

joint development of fields on the basis of Western technologies under the control of the Russian company operator

equal distribution of costs, risks and income on a contract basis

Advantages of the location

Strengthening of positions on the Russian market

Possibility of integration with Russian companies

Attraction of cheap skilled labour

the increase of state income

development of production and transport infrastructure

formation of the optimal model of state regulation of offshore oil and gas activities on the basis of balance of interests

Advantages of the internationalization

Co Cost minimization

Strengthening of positions on the world market

strengthening positions on the world market (export of products and access to foreign fields)

conclusion of agreements concerning the coordination of actions in foreign markets

Rationale for engaging the development of oil and gas fields on the Russian Arctic shelf of Western companies such as Total, Statoil/Hydro ExxonMobil, BP - evident. They have a wealth of experience in offshore production, the most advanced technology, highly qualified personnel, powerful capital. A key player in oil and gas production is seen by the international consortium. Theoretically, it can have multiple sources of funding for their activities: financial resources of the companies-founders; funds raised on financial markets (loans, credits, etc.); various tax benefits and perhaps subsidies. As noted by the scientists of the Center for external economic research, cooperation and joint ventures with leading Western firms are a promising way to overcome technical backwardness and increasing the competitiveness of Russian enterprises.

To build economic relations with energy transnational necessary not on the liberal market, and the public-institutional basis. Key elements of soft institutional infrastructure should be: the concept and strategy of development of oil and gas resources of shelf; the system of contractual relations with companies-subsoil users; the system of planning and goal programming; active foreign trade policy.

2) Phillips

In Russia , Philips has developed a system of decorative lighting Ivan the Great Bell in the Kremlin realized spectacular outdoor lighting building Gazprom , Senate and Synod buildings in St. Petersburg . Large-scale modernization of coverage of two objects of the State Hermitage Museum : Menshikov Palace and Stables Museum. LED lights in the media tunnel Federation Tower attracts many visitors and is becoming a tourist attraction itself . But for us not only significant projects that have expressed aesthetic effect - we are proud to work on complex retrofitting lighting systems in the shops of M. Video , on the premises of " Nizhnekamskneftekhim " in chains "Renaissance" . A special place in our work deals with social projects implemented by the company at its own expense , including an initiative to modernize the lighting in Russian schools.


During the execution of the course work were completed all tasks. Accomplished its main purpose of writing - a comparative analysis of opportunities for doing business in Russia.

We clearly see that both countries have a high level of globalization, and the company holds a strong position in the international market. We can only advise companies stick to their course and continue to explore new territory, through the introduction of new technology and innovation management.

In the course of this work, we realized that the Netherlands have close trade relations with Russia. This is not true for the UK. Russia need to work on the Russian-British trade relations, taking into account all the peculiarities of the country, as set out in our work.

This course work is a necessary practice for students studying international management. We learned how to analyze the peculiarities of doing business in different countries, to make decisions about further cooperation with several of these countries.

There is now no doubt that globalization has become the dominant factor in the development of world civilization in the first quarter of the new century, when the process of global consolidation actually completed formation of the world federation.


1) International economic relations: the textbook. Author: Rybalkina Publisher: Unity-Dana, 2012

2) Globalization. Geopolitical globalism. Author: Borzunov Publisher: Engineering, 2007

3) globalization.kof.ethz.ch

4) kbsu.info (globalization of the UK, Netherlands)

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