• The crystal structure of Yb2Al15Pt6, determined from X-ray single crystal diffraction data. The structural particularities of Yb2Al15Pt6, discussed in comparison with the structures of Y2Ga9Co3, Tb2Ge3Pt9, Yb2Ga9Pd3 and Er4Al24Pt9. The Al-Pt interactions.

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  • The history of the first national Park in United States of America. The typology of ecosystems and subalpine forests of Park. Geographical location of the reserve. Indicators of earthquakes and eruptions of the volcano. Attractions in Yellowstone.

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  • Formation of the communicative and social competence at students with a basic knowledge of English. Information about the life and problems of youth. Actual problems of society. Еxercises for future social workers, analysis of specific situations.

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  • The short research of different modern agressive youth subculturies: punks, emo, goths, rockers, hippies, skinheads. Their hairstiles and stiles of cloth (fashion designers), using colours, tattoos and piercings, the features of behavior and ideology.

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  • Y.V. Kondratyuk was the pseudonym adopted by Oleksandr Gnatovich Shargei, a pioneer of astronautics and spaceflight. He was a theoretician and a visionary who, in the early twentieth century, foresaw ways of reaching the moon. History to his lifes.

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