• Research of history of development and opening of maintenance of subjectivism interpretation of moral is in European philosophy. A denial of moral norms and functionalism is in modern conception of moral. Theories of subjectivism of philosophy of moral.

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  • Complex economic evaluation of the real course of exchange of tenge as currencies of Republic Kazakhstan. Influence of oil prices on a currency national exchange of Kazakhstan rate. Directions of reforms of monetary policy of the Kazakhstan bank.

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  • Location, territory and ethnic composition of the population Kazakhstan. Public holidays. Regions requiring foreigners to obtain permission to Acces. Administrative setup and religions sects. Official political parties and list of Cabinet of Ministers.

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  • Experimental study results on the conditions of KDP single crystal growing doped by organic luminophors have been presented. Shows a possible coherent conjugation scheme for crystal-chemical parameters of KDP lattice with some organic luminophors.

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  • История основания сети ресторанов быстрого питания Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), ее развитие по франчайзинговой системе. Жизненные проблемы будущего основателя компании KFC. Кентуккийский жареный цыпленок Гарлана Сандерса. Современное состояние сети.

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  • A method for performing a nonlinear form of Principal. Component Analysis is proposed. By the use of integral operator kernel functions one can compute principal components in high dimensional feature spaces, related to input space by some nonlinear map.

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  • Financial stability as a basis for the development of sectors and society as a whole. Increased attention to the mechanisms of implementation of financial stability in Ukraine. The degree of development of investment policy and the banking system.

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  • A comprehensive study of the best pedagogical experience, its preservation for further implementation is one of the important factors in the development of pedagogy. Educational establishment - the teaching staff, which teaches and trains the youth.

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  • Description of the attractions one of the biggest cities in Europe. Popular Kiev places Visited by Tourists: Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, National Opera House, monument to Prince Volodymyr the Baptizer, Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral and Andriyivsky Uzviz.

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  • The types of mechanisms turning and folding blades used for power control and stabilization of frequency of rotation of the wind turbines. The dependence of the displacements of sliders and centrifugal weights on the angle of rotation of the blade.

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  • Motion along a straight line. The displacement of a particle is a vector quantity. The magnitude of the force. Kinetic energy and work. Potential energy and conservation of energy. Center of mass and linear momentum. Rolling, torque and angular momentum.

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  • Research kinetic characteristics of the initial stages of the processes of acid hydrolysis and condensation in the sol-gel systems tetraethoxysilane, ethanol-water by gas chromatography. Using quantum-chemical calculations hydrolysis parameters.

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  • Studying the behavior of active nanoparticles ensemble within the framework of canonical approach, taking into account the internal energy. Applying the anharmonic representation of the Hamilton function and analysis the kinetics of the self-assembly.

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  • The biography of King Richard the Lionheart, the third son of King Henry II. The most accomplished and versatile representative of his gifted family, Richard was, in his lifetime and long afterwards, a favorite hero with troubadours and romancers.

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  • The problem of study the Arabic phylosophy of XVII century by the European students and scientists. Comparison of Spinoza’s and Mulla Sadra’s philosophical doctrines of knowledge and immortality, the imaginal power of a man, the life after death.

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  • This article mediates between two views of the sonata-form development section: one based on key and cadence plan (Koch), another based on harmonic progression (Schenker). Three sonata movements by C.P.E. Bach, all of which agree with Koch's discussion.

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  • Device Korean state. Confucianism Impact on Social and Ruling Structure of Joseon Dynasty. The main features of Confucianism. Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism as the state ideology of the Joseon dynasty. Series of reforms the Prince's Regent's.

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  • In the past two decades Korea has been one of the fastest developing nations in the world - both in economic and social terms. A people and history in harmony. Trends of major economic indicators. External policies for greater international cooperation.

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  • History of an origin and structure of the Korean names and surnames, and also most widespread of them. The Korean traditions of a giving of a name. Strict norms of references in the Korean society. Romanization and a pronunciation of the Korean names.

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  • Die Geschichte der Bildung des koreanischen Alphabetes, seines Unterschiedes in Nord- und Sudkorea. Die Wechselbeziehung chinesisch und Koreanischen der Sprachen. Die Nutzung des koreanischen Briefes in den Druckereien und der Arbeit auf dem Computer.

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