• The impact of globalization and demographic development on the educational system and level in Europe and Ukraine. Migration of students to other countries. New educational projects, new ideas, new media and innovative development to attract students.

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  • The use of grammar in the development of the students. The use of foreign language at the lessons for the needs of the class. Causes of formation of skills of reading, writing, listening. The promotion of a creative approach to solving problems.

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  • Games as an excellent environment to explore ideas of computational thinking. Using a puzzle called Sudoku to explore some aspects of puzzles and their roles in education. Discussing the development of game-based lesson plans. Games and the Aging Brain.

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  • Ivy league - american association of eight private universities. Harvard: faculties, schools, institute, undergraduate cost and financial aid, the harvard shield. Princeton: history, governance, neighborhood. Yale: history, financial overview, schools.

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  • Definition and classification, types and forms of realization of pedagogical training. Tools and training styles used among teenagers, analysis and evaluation of their effectiveness. Features and principles of organization of lessons with teenagers.

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  • The logic as the heart of mathematics, indicating some of the areas of difficulty and some of the opportunities that exist in mathematics. The role of investigative work and the place of formal proofs. The main purpose of the mathematics course.

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  • Characteristics of reading as one of the main skills that a pupil should acquire in the process of learning a foreign language in school. The use of images with tooltips - the most frequently used teaching methods that help children learn new words.

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  • The diversity of the student community and student-centred approach in higher education. Conceptual framework multi-level approach to teaching students foreign languages on the basis of higher educational institutions, their advantages and disadvantages.

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  • The school as an institution of socialization. Availability of modern equipment, big rooms, places to rest and an attractive exterior design - an important aspect of school life. Features of the ideal school for pupils. Description of future teachers.

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  • Analysis of existing professions. Consideration of programming languages??. Characteristics of the benefits of working as a programmer. Study of features of choosing a future profession. Consideration of aspects of a web designer and its functions.

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  • The current state of development of higher education in the European Union. The process of harmonizing and adapting the European framework of qualifications the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) in the member countries of the European Union.

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  • Reforming of higher education. The main task of the clinical departments, and the Departments of General Surgery, is the formation of students' clinical thinking, sufficient volume of theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for nurse.

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  • Implementation distance learning into training the specialists of practical pharmacy, based on the experience of Management and Economics of Pharmacy Department of Institute of Pharmacy. Spread of communication possibilities in the educational process.

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  • One of the oldest and most highly revered Universities in Europe. A Brief History of University. Structure of the Oxford University. The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. Staff of the University. Teaching and Research. International Links.

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  • A brief history and structure of the Oxford University. Description of the architectural complex of its constituent buildings and infrastructure of the town. Principles of formation of its academic policy. The level of development of their science.

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  • Прoфoриентaция как слoжный динaмический прoцесс фoрмирoвaния личнoстью системы свoих oснoвoпoлaгaющих oтнoшений к прoфессиoнaльнo-трудoвoй среде. Психoлoгические oсoбеннoсти стaршеклaссникoв, теoретические aспекты прoфессиoнaльнoгo сaмooпределения.

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  • Active learning is necessary for the teaching of critical thinking. Critical thinking should be integrated into every aspect of the educational process. Students should be made aware of the thinking process. Critical thinking must be taught explicitly.

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  • Research prospects of information and communication technologies in the development of distance learning systems. Improving the training of all stakeholders: society, learning, teachers. Realization of individual students' learning trajectories.

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  • The characteristics of the psychological capacity of the secondary school graduates that promotes the selection of the market trade. Analyze of the principles of the integrity in choosing of entrepreneur professions. he concept of the effective actions.

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  • Setting the context for a discussion of quality measures, the demographic landscape early care. Programs that support early language and literacy development. Defining quality in childhood that promote dual language learners’ development and learning.

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