• The formation of professional competence. Educational aspects of preparation. The history of pedagogical education. The professional preparation in the context of eurointegration. The content of education in primary schools of Soviet Ukraine in 1958–1991.

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  • The communicative approach and activities. Drama and dramatic techniques. The value of drama in education. The use of drama in the TESL. Role-play and simulation. Advantages and disadvantages in the use of role-play and simulation in the ESL classroom.

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  • The role of education provided by institutions which support entrepreneurship and informal technology enhanced learning for entrepreneurs in Serbia on entrepreneurial success of graduates. The solution for fostering entrepreneurial spirit among graduates.

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  • Education in England: primary, secondary, middle and grammar school, further and higher education. Educational structure. The national curriculum. Applying for universities. The National Curriculum. Independent or public schools in the private sector.

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  • The identification of the best methods and techniques enhance the creative activities of students in drawing the human figure. The dynamics of the artistic development of students in creative activities. Analysis of programs for fine arts and art work.

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  • Problems of listening as a type of speech activity for students of non-linguistic educational institutions. Characteristics and stages of the audition. Creation of conditions for the removal of lexical, grammatical and phonetic difficulties of perception.

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  • Geologist Salaries and the Economic Slowdown. Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships in Geology. Demand for geologists in the petroleum and mineral resources sectors. Рroduction of oil, natural gas, groundwater. Applicants for teaching in post-graduate.

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  • The main tasks of vocational education: development and implementation of public secondary vocational education standards, creating conditions for increasing the availability of vocational education. Types of high educational institutions in Kazakhstan.

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  • An analysis of the system of higher education is in the United States of America. Consideration of universities with the highest reputation: California University, Catholic University of America, Cornell University. Appearance of university of the future.

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  • Many parents today are looking to alternative schools that offer different philosophies of education than mainstream schools. The diversity of alternative schools sets them apart from mainline education. Education for Meaning and Social Justice.

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  • Skills development monologic speech of students, teaching skills their thoughts. Expanding horizons of students develop their critical thinking. Control questions after reading a short story "Cyclone". Explanations Grammar and grand total lesson.

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  • Socio-economic development of Kazakhstan. The essence of improving the system of management of education of the Republic. Characterization of the foundations of classical management. The use of information technologies in the educational process.

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  • The impact of globalization and demographic development on the educational system and level in Europe and Ukraine. Migration of students to other countries. New educational projects, new ideas, new media and innovative development to attract students.

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  • Familiarity with the main types of activities of the International Association for the evaluation of educational achievement. Features correlation between academic achievements of students. The place of information technology in elementary school.

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  • The use of grammar in the development of the students. The use of foreign language at the lessons for the needs of the class. Causes of formation of skills of reading, writing, listening. The promotion of a creative approach to solving problems.

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  • Games as an excellent environment to explore ideas of computational thinking. Using a puzzle called Sudoku to explore some aspects of puzzles and their roles in education. Discussing the development of game-based lesson plans. Games and the Aging Brain.

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  • Ivy league - american association of eight private universities. Harvard: faculties, schools, institute, undergraduate cost and financial aid, the harvard shield. Princeton: history, governance, neighborhood. Yale: history, financial overview, schools.

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  • Definition and classification, types and forms of realization of pedagogical training. Tools and training styles used among teenagers, analysis and evaluation of their effectiveness. Features and principles of organization of lessons with teenagers.

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  • The logic as the heart of mathematics, indicating some of the areas of difficulty and some of the opportunities that exist in mathematics. The role of investigative work and the place of formal proofs. The main purpose of the mathematics course.

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  • The methodical approaches to assessing the attractiveness of higher educational institutions delivering training of specialists according to particular majors. The categories of higher educational institutions according to majors and qualification levels.

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