• The analyzing the development of Internet marketing in Ukraine. The tendencies of Internet marketing in the world and figures connected to its current condition in Ukraine. The perspective of Internet marketing in Ukrainian business and global economy.

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  • Theoretical formulation of the place of the brand among the marketing communications in the tourist business. The experience of the leading destinations and tourism enterprises in the formation of brands. Technology for building the tourist brand.

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  • The theoretical issues of SWOT-analysis implementation. Its practical use for comparative ecologic and economic evaluation on the example of a large metal manufacturer, JSC "Kazzink" (Ust Kamenogorsk, the Republic of Kazakhstan) to prevent it from crisis.

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  • Актуальные тренды на рынке дистрибуции. Специфика дистрибьюторского бизнеса: ключевые проблемы и задачи. Проблематика выбора ERP-решения. Эффективное построение сетей поставок, ориентированных на спрос. Сокращение операционных затрат.

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  • Feature of the food entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Characteristic of production of fats for industrial handling. Cultivation of grain crops for own entity. Cooperation with supermarkets and shops. Expansion of a clientele and sales increase.

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  • Hidden marketing as a special kind of online advertising in which the message is spread through the exchange of views on the product between users. Promoting products and services in the international market. Features of a search engine targeting.

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  • Explanation is how the changing demographics of the North American population impact the demand for hospitality services. The key supply factors those are important to entertainment organizations. Expected future impact of baby boomers on the demand.

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  • The prospects of development of the focus groups method in the contemporary economy. The theoretical background and features of the this method. The possibility of focus groups method using as a tool of indirect communication.

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  • The problem of the green marketing. Higher production costs of green products. Energy saving fuel is still a difficult problem. A marketing strategy of the public green car. Green marketing development status and domestic green marketing development way.

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  • Specific public relations disciplines. Edward Bernays as the self-appointed Father of Public Relations. Traditional public relations tools. Targeting the public. Lobby groups. The techniques of spin. Negative public relations. Promotion (marketing).

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  • Vision and business concept of the Ikea Group. Investing for the future as the main financial principle of the company. Interesting facts about Ikea. The company's competitors: Kika Group, Jysk. Partner companies: UNICEF, the World Wildlife Fund.

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  • Culture and marketing communication. Culture and consumer socialization. Materialism, identity and religiosity. Culture and service quality. Culture and language effects. Culture and consumer revenge behavior. Culture and government action.

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  • Определение функций и задач instagram, способствующих продвижению бренда. Исследование значения хэштегов, как отличной возможности привлечь дополнительных клиентов на свою страницу. Рассмотрение условий успеха маркетинговой компании в instagram.

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  • Mergers and acquisitions as a tool and factors of competitiveness of the company. The Walt Disney company, its activity and main competitors. M&a transactions as a tool for development. Improving the weakest segment of сompany using M&A Strategy.

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  • Modern issues of competitiveness. Specific factors influencing international competitiveness in emerging countries. Chinese automotive market: development and dynamics. Problems of automotive clusters in Russia on the case of the sollers company.

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  • Characterization of the main methods of perform marketing study to find marketing leverages of communication on connected devices security. Research and analysis of features of benchmarks of the companies successfully adopting the IoT into the business.

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  • Theoretical aspects of marketing research in the construction market. The procedure of planning a marketing research. Benefits of EXMAR. Contents of a strategic marketing plan. Tools and methods of marketing planning. Features of Marketing Research.

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  • Investigation of marketing strategy and effectiveness. Key parts of the general corporate strategy, types and actions, tactics of strategies, strategic models and real-life marketing. Factors driving the level of marketing effectiveness and its dimension.

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  • The advancement functions in marketing. Necessity of marketing for medicine. The analysis of activity of the enterprise. Marketing politicians of the diagnostic centre. SWOT-analyze of the medical centre. Methods of optimization in advertising activity.

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  • The algorithm of development of multilevel marketing strategy for automobile companies to ensure the competitiveness of their products. An analysis of the previous studies labor market. Potential obstacles to implementation of the developed strategy.

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