• Psychology and Law: an Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Legal contexts and links between psychology and law. Highlighting developments in roles for psychology and law. Methodology: Law’s Adopting and Adapting to Psychology’s Methods and Findings.

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  • After 1989 structural reforms in the country of Argentina. State enterprises, financial relations with areas. Reform of social security. Trade, cancellation of the state control and financial reforms. Recent macroeconomic events and medium-term prospects.

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  • The differences between political theorists and philosophers. the principles of the welfare of the liberal-democratic state. Revaluation of the principles of liberalism. Abstract economic models. The strength and importance of political criticism.

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  • Criteria to determine methods of integration, among which: intensity of court claim, harmonization. Indirect methods of integration of national legal systems and their main role. New mechanisms of governance: coordination, administrative cooperation.

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  • Concept and types of inquiry as a form of pre-trial investigation and components of it's. Two forms of preliminary investigation. Lines of inquiry and their features. Quest for the crimes that are not severe. Problems of judicial form of inquiry.

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  • System and principles of international law. The law of treaties, international organizations, diplomatic and consular law, maritime, air, space, economic, environmental and nuclear law, international security. Main features modern international law.

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  • Cross-border insolvency: definition, basic model. The concept of the insolvency institute and its features. Recognition and enforcement of the legal judgments on the cross-border insolvency cases in the world. The problem of the practice of application.

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  • Leadership in public services as key to the implementation of national policies. The causes of problems in the implementation guidance of state planned policy in this sphere. Develop ways of overcoming problems in the implementation of this policy.

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  • The problem of allocation of essential features, the facts of the legal definition in municipal law on the analysis of existing legislation and by summarizing existing research. Perspectives of scientists in the general theory of law and other areas

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  • The essence of contractual liability as a consequence of failure to fulfill the obligation, which the debtor must perform. Civil liability of carriers for violation of conditions of the contract of carriage of the passenger by various modes of transport.

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  • Transactions as recognized actions of citizens and legal persons to establish, change or termination of the civil rights. The suspension, interruption and restoration of limitations, civil procedural law rules of jurisdiction or responsibilities.

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  • Legal research and writing in the first year. The writing process. Stress and professionalism. Upper-level research and writing experiences. Law journals. Upper-level writing courses, seminars, practicums and moot court. Specific legal writing problems.

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  • Reduce the risks of socially irresponsible business practices - the task of corporate social responsibility. Conditions of the Latvian annual accounts law to the inclusion of non-financial indicators in the management reports of commercial entities.

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  • Обоснование существования комплекса регуляторов внешнеэкономических операций, отличного от национально-правовых систем. Международные коммерческие договоры. Внедрение в правовое пространство торгового сотрудничества негосударственного регулирования.

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  • Characteristics of state regulation of innovative activity in the inter-branch system of legislation of Ukraine. Legal definition of technology as a result of intellectual activity, and their standard provision on the law of international security.

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  • Пoнятиe, cущнocть и элeмeнты пpaвoвoй cиcтeмы, их особенности, применение и возможная классификация. Описание и отличительные черты рoмaнo-гepмaнcкой и англo-caкcoнcкой пpaвoвой cиcтeмы. Характеристика и специфика пpaвoвыx cиcтeм cтpaн иcлaмcкoгo миpa.

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  • Types of owners. Liability for the group or for others in the group. Sharing gains, ownership models. General characteristics. Property rights, personal rights. Types of property: corporations and legal entities, modern western views, ownership society.

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  • Canada like a North American country, which located in the northern part of the continent. Political System of Canada: federal system of Parliament, a group of political parties and the Senate. Description of National Flag and Anthem of Canada.

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  • United Kingdom within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. The political system of Great Britain. The United Kingdom Government. The Prime Minister and Cabinet. The study of the activities of government departments. the Constitutional Reform Act.

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  • Litigation concerning accidents involving horses, purchases of horses and negligence of owners and riders is increasing. Horseriding is a dangerous sport, horses are valuable animals and owners and riders need to be aware of all the legal pitfalls.

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