• Studying history of the industrial group Samsung, one of the monsters of the modern economy, which began the colonization of the Korean. Industries that characterize the work of Samsung including a huge selection of products: from toasters to aircraft.

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  • Transnational corporations is a most powerful economic and political entities in the world today. Role of TNCs in the world economy and trade. The dynamic development of corporations in the fifties of the twenty century. Indicators of the activities.

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  • The development of the Russian and the Chinese economy. Analysis of the growth of trade between countries in trade patterns. Energy issues Russian-Chinese economic relations. Incompatibility of Russian economic policy with genuine economic integration.

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  • Analysis of the impact of Western sanctions against Russia at the European and the domestic economy. Changes in the consumption basket of Russians as a result of the crisis. Description of the causes and consequences of the devaluation of the ruble.

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  • At present, EU member states have a different level of social and economic development. These are countries advanced in development as well as economically backward. The social and economic development of Ukraine in comparison to other EU member states.

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  • A brief information on the state. A political system. The supreme bodies of the power of the state: their formation, powers, structure. The basic political parties. Model of economic development. Import and export of goods. The international rating.

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  • Research and characteristics of the transition of volatility with one stock market on another market of China, Korea and USA. Consideration and analysis of specific features of the opening and closing hour of China, Korea and America stock markets.

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  • The book written by Kishore Mahbubani, which is shaped within the explanation of the rise of Asia that some people would consider as sudden. The Author goes back in the past, to bring objectivity and causality in this new phenomenon for much of us.

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  • Canada has a diversified etymology, history, european colonization, Canadian Confederation, Government and politics, law, foreign relations and military, provinces and territories, geography and climate,economy, demographics, international rankings.

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  • Actors in contemporary world politics display a propensity to comply with international norms, regimes and regulations, and this propensity is rooted, in part, in a presumption of trust. However, this presumption is unstable in the contemporary context.

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  • In the last decade, developing good relations with Kazakhstan has become an ever more important priority for the European Union — driven by Kazakhstan's growth as an reliable energy supplier and the country's rising profile on the international scene.

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  • The realist and constructivist approaches to the annexation of Crimea. Russian foreign policy and the Ukrainian crisis. The influence of the elite on the annexation of Crimea. Regime type and foreign policy conception. Consecration of the Russian regime.

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  • Main problems of current economic and political situation in Japan and Ukraine. The fields problematic aspects of joining Japan in trans-pacific partnership and Ukraine's accession to the EU. Identification of possible ways of sustainable development.

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  • Explores the relationship of trust in supplier - buyer: transaction costs example 344 machine manufacturers in the USA, Japan, Korea. Experimentally proved, that the creditworthiness reduces transaction costs and can be an important competitive advantage.

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  • Powers and opportunities of Finland for influencing the decisions taken in a community of democratic states aiming to build lasting security. Finland and the development of a common foreign and security policy. The security environment of Finland.

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  • Morphometry, hydrology, geography of the Caspian Sea. The Status and the Need for Cooperation. The hydrocarbon resources, the geopolitics of the region. Concern, Trust, Capacities: prerequisites for a shared ecological agenda of the five Caspian states.

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  • The sustainability of external deficits. Foreign direct investment in China. Main characteristics of U.S. external deficits. The balance of payments and the dollar. Official Reserve Transactions. International Investment Position of the United States.

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  • Characteristics of purposes of the United Nations and its Member States. E. Roosevelt with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

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  • The study of the problem of entry and exit of the UK from the European Union. The analysis of the facts and arguments on both sides: Russia and the European Union. Historical separateness and the desire for isolation of the British Commonwealth.

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  • Public finance policy issues during the political economic transition from planned socialist economics to free market democratic capitalism. Problems of Transitional Monetary Policy and the Financial Sector. Intergovernmental Financial Relations.

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