• Theoretical information about the history of the discovery of the Doppler effect, the disclosure of its physical nature. Building plot of the Doppler frequency of target velocity at a certain speed range and for given parameters of the wavelength.

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  • Понятие MS-DOS, его сущность и особенности, история создания и развития, значение в современной компьютерной индустрии. Внешние и внутренние факторы DOS. Порядок создания файла в операционной системе. Характеристика и отличительные черты команд DOS.

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  • The growth of bacteria Desulfovibrio Piger of the human intestine at different concentrations of acceptor and donor of electrons. The increase in the intensity of bacterial growth and production of hydrogen sulfide in the environment of cultivation.

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  • Суть и история разработки антивируса Dr. Web, его практическое использование для защиты от почтовых и сетевых червей, руткитов, файловых вирусов, троянских программ. Особенности работы антивируса, характеристика его положительных и отрицательных сторон.

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  • The communicative approach and activities. Drama and dramatic techniques. The value of drama in education. The use of drama in the TESL. Role-play and simulation. Advantages and disadvantages in the use of role-play and simulation in the ESL classroom.

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  • The history of dressage. Preparing to learn dressage. The emphasis in horsemanship is on dressage, which provides a foundation training that enhances performance in any discipline, from show jumping to driving. The basic rules to improve riding skills.

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  • Nowadays, teenagers in different parts of the world, including Kazakhstan, tend to drink more and more frequently the alcohol. The consequences such as negative health effects, growth of suicides and crimes among teenagers, are destined to appear.

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  • Pharmacokinetics of drug fate. The mechanism altering drugs absorption, distribution, metabolism. Identify drugs interactions, the mechanisms of older interactions, and examine the safety of new drugs from classes that are known to cause interactions.

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  • Druids and their rituals. Druids and Stonehenge. Druids - the priests of the ancient Celtic peoples organized as a closed, but not hereditary estates, also served as judges for healing, astronomy. Information about the Druids of the Greco-Roman works.

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  • Основные устройства для воспроизведения DVD-дисков различного содержания и формата. Основа принципиальной схемы DVD-проигрывателя DVTech D630. Конструктивные особенности модели, принцип работы, диагностика типовых неисправностей и методы их устранения.

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  • Использование микросхем для построения бытовых DVD-проигрывателей. Группировка выводов микросхем. Структурная схема подключения DVD-процессора ESS серии ES4xx8. Его основные функции и особенности. Обработка декодированного видеосигнала в микросхемах.

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  • Study of trends in savings activity of the population of Belarus and Ukraine in the conditions of economic crisis and post-crisis period. Identify the features of formation of rules of savings of the population in the presence of structural shifts.

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