• Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853 - July 29, 1890) is generally considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt, though he had little success during his lifetime. He is regarded as a post-impressionist, rather than an impressionist. Life and Work.

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  • The Starry Night is a painting by Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. The charm of starry night, these include: Starry Night, Starry Night over the Rhone and Cafe Terrace at Night. The magic charm of his painting, their place is in an art.

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  • The study of the history, causes, types and nature of the problem of gender-based violence against women which crimes are hate crimes. The activities of the General Assembly of the United Nations in the field of liquidation of these types of violence.

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  • Огляд мовного підґрунтя культурної і наукової взаємодії Польщі і України в історичній ретроспективі. Аналіз необхідності розвитку міждержавного партнерства. Роль мови в системі культурних цінностей. Перспективи співробітництва в галузі мовознавства.

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  • Levels in Memory Hierarchy. Design of DRAM caches. Locating an Object in a "Cache". A System with Physical Memory Only and with Virtual Memory. Servicing a Page Fault. Multiple processes in physical memory. Macintosh Memory Model. Page Table Operation.

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  • Comments on current С37.118-2005 standard. Definition of Synchrophasor and Elaboration of Requirements, Сompliance certification. Relationships for calculation of possible dynamics of phase derivatives and calculation of errors of their measurement.

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  • Этапы создания Windows-приложений, характеристика объектов управления и их свойства. События, возникающие при работе с мышью и клавиатурой. Окно кода процедуры обработки события. Наименование объектов Visual Basic, специфика экрана проектирования.

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  • Analysis of the term "vitamin", its biochemical functions and health effects. Classification of deficiencies of vitamins. Pharmacology, history and etymology of vitamin. Analysis of the term "hormone", its biosynthesis, secretion and effects on the body.

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  • Childhood and education of Vivien Leigh. Her life as actress. What films did she take part “gone with the Wind”. She disease of Vivien Leigh. Hove did her life connect with Russian literature. Her last appearances on the theatre stage. Laurence Oliver.

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  • Особенности использования VoIP-телефонии, ее компьютерная и обыкновенная разновидности. Протоколы подключения клиентского устройства (VoIP-телефона). Безопасность передачи данных. Показатели при оценке трафика, качества соединения и прочих параметров.

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  • The study of the phenomenon of momentum at Taiwan market and investigates the relations between momentum strategies and volatility. Display information on share price momentum. Use of price dynamics as an index for building investment portfolios.

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  • Development of the program, applying the technique of surface voxelization of 3D-models based on graphic processes. Review of existing methods voxelization 3D-scenes view of the art surface voxelization. Analysis and results of performance tests.

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