• Description the history of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson. July 4 is independence day of the United States of America. Great Britain officially recognized the United States as a sovereign, independent state.

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  • Characteristics of geographical position, climate of the United States of America. White House - the residence of the president (Washington). George Washington Monument (Boston). Statue of Liberty (New York). Grand Canyon National Park Colorado River.

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  • Geographical position and climate of the U.S.A. Economy and political structure of the U.S.A. Washington — the capital of the U.S.A. Education in the U.S.A. Cultural life of Americans. American national celebration. The list of the using literature.

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  • The University of Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world, the seventh-oldest in the world. History of the university. Foundation of the colleges. Faculties, departments, libraries and museums. A school in the University.

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  • Понятие битов, байтов, килобайтов, их измерение. Основные черты файловой системы. Графический интерфейс и компьютерная интернациональность. Учет прикладных программ. Поиск и загрузка ресурсов, шрифтов. Удаленный доступ и подключение через модем.

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  • Disadvantages of the soil tillage: excessive losses of organic matter, soil propensity to the erosion, insufficient water protection ability, others. The proposals on improvement of technology and conducting stationary field experiences on soil tillage.

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  • The architectural form of the Kansas City Public Library. Geisel Library , University of California, San Diego , USA. Form library building in the form of a flying saucer in Astana. Modern Library Colombia. Black Diamond in Copenhagen architecture.

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  • Dependence of durability of coverages on nature and closeness of adhesive bonds. Use of silanes with an olefine carbon as an adhesion layer on metallic grounds, improves protective properties of coverages a steady-state by an ultraviolet irradiation.

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  • The analysis of the existing training methods of multilayer neural network of computing structures is carried out. Recommendations of selected methods usage by examples of multilayer approximation tasks for technology of beneficiation were given.

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  • Проектирование электрической принципиальной схемы USB осциллографа с использованием микроконтроллера. Произведение расчета электрической цепи светодиода. Выполнение программирования микроконтроллера и определение надежности спроектированной системы.

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  • Унификация подключения периферийных устройств к компьютеру через порт USB. Удобство автоматического обнаружения операционной системой устройств, виды USB-коннекторов и USB-хаб. Энергопотребление, скоростные характеристики USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0.

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of using games in language teaching. Various types of games in teaching. Games in different kinds of classes. Appropriate situations to use or not to use games in language teaching. Investigation amongst adult learners.

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  • The types of dosimeters: silicon-diode detectors, diamond detectors, liquid ion chambers and radiographic films. The spatial resolution as a key feature for next-generation dosimeters. Results using one layer of DOSIORT. Isodose curves in the test.

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  • The analysis of possibility of use of natural aluminosilicates (zeolite) in agriculture and environmental protection in the production of mineral fertilizers for remediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals. Their physical and chemical properties.

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  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of using the first language in classroom. Theoretical Arguments against L1 Use. Methodology of teaching of first language students in universities. Teaching English through TPR (Total Physical Response approach).

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  • Motivation refers to the important functions of the enterprise management. It encourages employees and managers to meet their own needs and the objectives of the enterprise, forming system of incentive motivation, providing with benefits, extra payments.

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  • The article presents the research results of using different types of silicate minerals, their modified forms for sewage sorption treatment. Their physical and chemical properties, the mechanisms of action and sorption efficiency of natural minerals.

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  • Specifics and benefits of using role play in English lessons. Basic principles and characteristics of the use of role-playing games in teaching a foreign language in the classroom. Analysis of lesson plans developed in the framework of the present study.

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  • The specificity of the hydrothermal method for the synthesis of calcium carbonate. Determination of the nanostructure in the present inorganic chemical compound of salt carbonic acid and calcium. The diffraction characteristics of the calcium salt.

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