• The unemployment rate, job vacancies. Deterministic model and characterization of equilibrium. Optimal vacancy-unemployment fluctuations. The stochastic process. Derivation of the wage equation. Results from simulating the dynamic stochastic model.

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  • The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution has proved to be a remarkably stable document. Although the "founding fathers" wanted to avoid a political system. The President has the power to make treaties and to nominate and receive ambassadors.

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  • The general description of the cultural devastation caused by the structuralists and postmodernists. Analysis of the book "The Killing of History" by Australian Keith Windschuttle. The essence and features common type of postmodern cultural comment.

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  • Definition Of Human Rights. The creation and the main content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Characteristics of contradictions Human Rights. The history, development of the system of the Convention, the European Court of Human rights.

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  • Consideration of the current situation of demographic crisis in Ukraine, to identify its causes and impact on national security of the country in social and humanitarian sphere. Analysis of the structure and trends of main population health indicators.

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  • Leveraged buyout transactions: definition and core characteristics. Valuation techniques in leveraged buyout transactions. Hypothesis of leveraged buyout activity. Determinants of LBO activity. Empirical research: sample and data selection, methodology.

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  • National traditions role in enriching and development of the world literature. Romantic poetry. The first major work of literature is the epic poem "Beowulf". Carpe Diem Poetry. The masters of literature from the turn of the XIV century to the present.

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  • Data warehouse base theory. The description of Extract Transform Load processes. Introduction into OpenStreetMap, base knowledge. Extract Transform Load process planning. Extracting and transformation data. Analysis of the developed data warehouse.

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  • The telecommunication services in United Kingdom. The development of information technology: company "British Telecom", "O2", "T-Mobile", "Three", "Orange", "Vodafone" and others. The information technologies in Ukraine: the National Informatisation.

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  • The dawn of international investing. The intuition behind diversifying across nations. International portfolio diversification benefits: Cross-country evidence from a local perspective. Returns in emerging markets. The development of the financial market.

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  • The article presents basic information and aspects regarding online advertisement and its most popular forms in Poland. The problems of modern Internet advertisement development. The historical trends in the development of online advertising in Poland.

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  • Traditional grammar, the more familiar of the two, is based on the notion that language is a manifestation of thought. Model of second language learning Early and structural linguistics, Transformational-Generative Grammar Other Areas of Linguistic Study.

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  • The historical and pedagogical issues of educational activities in the field of education of adults. Analyze the problem of human's social protection, the necessity of a systematic solution of a range of socially-oriented issues in the education sphere.

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  • The essence of the ethical infrastructure, characteristics of the transfer policy. Quantitative linguistic analysis of codes of ethics. Application of the code of ethics in Russian conditions. Description, the value of the unity of a cost management

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  • Treatment of metabolic disorders in children and adults of all ages. Treatment with drugs based on L-carnitine. The sequence of manufacturing operations, which allows creating a quality product. Describing of flowchart of the technological process.

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  • Development of the block diagram of the expert system in the context of automated control system for preparation of the Executive plan of agricultural works for the fields on which cultivated culture. The algorithm of the fuzzy inference Mamdani.

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  • The history of founding People's Commissariat of Finance (PCF) as the most important ministry. Short biography and work of Gregory Sokolnikov, his views on the need and objectives of the technical adjustment of the financial system of the Soviet Union.

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  • Diachronic and synchronic aspects of the developing word polysemy. Its development, translation of polysemantic words. The analysis of offers which contain polysemantic words. Practical use of a polysemy. Semantic changes in system of values of English.

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  • Butler`s concept of the destination. S-shaped cycle model. The exploration stage characteristic. Rapid tourism growing and changes in all aspects of the tourism sector in the region. The strategic planning process. Development of the destination Myvatn.

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  • The Northumbrian grammar peculiarities. Beowulf is the ancient heroic epic poem. The Beowulf manuscript. The morphology of the Old English language. Weak verbs. Irregular strong nouns. Personal pronouns. The history of Old English and its development.

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