• The study of the sequence of stages of reconstruction of graphical images on a computer using decoding dual vectors of the tuple. Decoding code values in software components. Ways of coding information. Methods of the decrypting computer codes cost.

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  • Analysis methodology implementation of administrative reform as a system of managerial innovations. Innovative activity as a combination of technology and best way to use social resources. The formation of the innovation paradigm of state administration.

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  • Analysis and review features of the phenomenon of physical culture of the person subject to the methodological approaches of its formation in the system of physical education. Characteristics of philosophical, pedagogical and psychological aspects.

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  • The essence of the methodological individualism. Development modern game theory. Kinds technological forms of social knowledge. Public and private aspects of information. The role of information and knowledge in the development of the social system.

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  • Main characteristics and mathematical formalization stable reinsurance market as a dynamic process of forming stable distribution between two sets of this market: subjects that convey risks in reinsurance and subjects taking risks on reinsurance.

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  • The therapeutic dosage forms based on standardized biologically active substances of bee products. Prevention and treatment of ulcer diseases of the gastroduodenal area. The share of capsules at the pharmaceutical market compared to other dosage form.

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  • Conditions and measures of food hygiene necessary to ensure the safety of food from production to consumption. Causes and conditions of foodborne diseases. Systematization of food at a preferential role in human nutrition. Assessment of dietary protein.

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  • Foresight process as a dynamic combination of interconnected elements, influencing each other. Hierarchy - a collection of elements, where asymmetric relationships are ordered inside a whole. Analysis of the tasks involved in conducting interviews.

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  • The formation of the modern management systems in the field of waste management. The mechanism of economic management in the sphere of waste management, which provides the introduction of environmental insurance, preferential lending and leasing.

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  • Methodic of programming and ways of using of object oriented programming software Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications for laboratory workshops of students in studies of computer modeling courses. Consequences for numerical simulation.

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  • The problem of the development of mathematical support to automate the process of diagnostic and recognizing model construction by precedents. The software realizing proposed transformations and indicators characterizing their properties was developed.

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  • Architecture is the appearance of buildings and structures. Structural elements of buildings, the history of their origin, their importance in construction. Methods in construction: load-bearing wall, аrch, vault, dome, truss, framed structures.

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  • Normed linear spaces and Banach spaces. Basic properties of inner-products. Best approximation and orthogonal projections. Compact operators on a Banach space. Boundary value problems. Dierential calculus in Banach spaces and the calculus of variations.

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  • Examination of patients with liver cirrhosis with manifestations of hepatic encephalopathy. Clinical manifestations of the disease in patients for correction of microbiocenosis of intestines in addition to the prebiotic was administered probiotics.

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  • Feature increase the level and quality of education and upbringing of the younger generation of the Turkmen people. Learning foreign languages is a key factor in training highly qualified specialists. Analysis of error correction principles in writing.

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  • Characteristics of reading as one of the main skills that a pupil should acquire in the process of learning a foreign language in school. The use of images with tooltips - the most frequently used teaching methods that help children learn new words.

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  • Analyze of methods that may be used in speech therapy for children to stimulate the development of speech or to improve the situation of children with speech disorders. Opportunity of patients, for whom traditional speech therapy proved to be failed.

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  • Setting and flying descriptions of the Russian military cargo helicopter of Mi-171Sh. Reliability of helicopter and his advantage at the air shipment of forces of attack and fire support. Application of helicopter the countries of NATO and Russian army.

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  • Using measurements of surface tension, solubilization, and fluorescence spectroscopy, the detection of polyesters based on aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and PEG-1000 to form monomolecular micelles in aqueous solutions at the concentrations of 10-7-10-4 %.

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  • Основы делового туризма: встречи для информационного обмена, инсентив-туры (тренинги, семинары), проведение конференций, корпоративных праздников. Задачи инсентив-тура. Зарубежный и отечественный опыт рынка mice-индустрии. Разработка инсентив-тура.

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